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A Broken-Hearted Petey Fan!

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 09:17, Nov 19 2008

...and I cry for Canada's fallen champion!
by Caitlin "Slave for Petey"

What a rip off and a slap to the face if you ask me. Anybody who's anybody should know by now just who I am and how I feel about Petey. Yeah so I'm guessing most of you will know how this blog will turn out.

I was more than over joyed and head over heels to finally see Petey win the X-Division title that he hadn't held since January of 2005. And after the crap they put him through after they split Team Canada up he more than deserved it. He wasn't one to complain about anything or anybody well not that we knew about in the news sites. Then the end of 2007 came with Petey's new ''Maple Leaf Muscle'' gimmick. And if you know me I did nothing but stare...LOL! Again his hard work paid off when he was the first to take a case in the Feast or Fired match. After a few weeks Steiner switched cases with the small Canadian and BAM Petey then becomes the proud owner of a TNA World Heavyweight title shot!

That was taken from him when Steiner beat him in a match to take both cases. Then some time later Steiner took interest in Petey to the point of cuffing him and putting a bag over his head. Steiner started out by trying to drown the small Canadian. When Petey survived that Steiner jumped started him with the jumper cables. Petey came back for more the next week by getting shot at with the paint ball gun. When that didn't break the small Canadian he earned a free ride to the arena on the hood of the car.

Now going through Steiner's pain and suffering there was one more step Petey need to take and that came after a victory over Alex Shelley. Bust out the shaver and let's shave the poor Canadians head. Yes for those wonder I did indeed cry and thought he was the ugliest guy EVER...for a few weeks. I got over it though I still find it creepy that he looks just like Steiner. After all of that Steiner gave him the case for a TNA X-Division title shot in which Petey cashed in later that night and winning his second X-Division title. I'm throwing streamers, running through the house all giddy.

Then came the injury that almost made me cry again. In a match Jimmy Rave kicked Petey in the face causing the small Canadian to be taken to the hospital for a broken orbital bone. REAL smooth there! >___< I expect Petey to be stripped of his title but to shock and suprise to me TNA let him keep it. I was upset that they didn't give Petey a mic to brag and talk about himself or at leaset let him do some play by play during X-Division matches.

He returned at Slammiversary to beat Kaz and keep his title. Those who know Ash [Bob the Juggler] and I will know we have our own little war when it comes to Kaz and Petey. And TA-DA look who came out on top in that war...LOL! And not once but twice. Now we throw in Creed and his ungodly amount of chances to take Petey's title but can't. Not only that had New Jersey boo the unholy hell out of him. Then we had Sheik started interferaing in Petey's matches on behalf of Petey though Petey wanted nothing to do with it.

That brings us No Surrender in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. I was gun ho ready for Petey to walk into his home country of Canada as X-Division Champion and walk out of his home country as X-Division Champion. Though my hopes and dreams where shot down and totally destroyed when Sheik pulled a Senshi and took out Petey and pinned Creed to win the X-Division title. I loved the tease Petey gave us with the double Canadian Destroyer. I can tell you that the roof would have come off if Petey pulled that off. I found the whole Sharpshooter to be the greatest thing EVER!

I felt like it was nothing more than a slap to the face to have Petey lose his title in his home country. I'm more pissed off at the fact that he lost it in Canada more than the simple fact that he lost it. Have him lose it on iMPACT! I would have been okay with that...I might not have liked it but I would get over it. Not only that Christian Cage didn't even win his match after all talking that he did and the history he gave about being in his backyard. As you can see I'm not a real happy camper right now and hope Petey gets his return match and wins back his title that he should have never lost.

-- Can-Am Hero -- Slave To Petey -- Caitlin --


Petey Williams Facts:

1. He's never been pinned or submitted to lose his title.
2. You can thank Alex Shelley for the ''Maple Leaf Muscle'' gimmick.
3. It was Petey's idea to shave his head and look like Scott Steiner.
4. He didn't get angry at Rave for his broken orbital bone.

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