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Interview Recap - Larry Nelson

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 10:42, Nov 08 2008

by Simon McCall and Neal Jones

In You Head Radio interview with Larry Nelson hosted by Jack, One Inch Biceps and Barbie Richards! Here are just a few highlights from the Interview to hear the full Interview head on over to InYourHeadOnline.com

The guys welcome Larry Nelson to the show who is in a good mood and happy to be there. Larry who was an interviewer for the AWA says its been 20 years since he worked there and he loved his time in the AWA.

The guys bring up Larry?s book called Stranglehold and is about his life in wrestling, Larry says he held nothing back when writing it and is very open about his past battle with drugs and alcohol.

Some calls come in, Jason wants to know who Larry?s favorite interview was which Larry says was Larry Zbyszko because he was very professional and you couldn?t throw him off, some other memorable interviews for Larry were Medusa Micelli who actually grabbed his crotch and he had to continue the interview, Kix calls in and asks Larry about Superclash and did Larry think it would be bigger than Wrestlemania , which Larry replies by saying even back then he knew the AWA could not compete with Wrestlemania Vince just had too much money .

Jack asks Larry about the infamous Winnipeg parties for the AWA. Larry talks about the booze, sex and drugs, and how he was usually the first one naked at these big pool parties.

The infamous story of Verne Gagne telling the Iron Sheik to break Hulk Hogan?s leg in Hulks last match for the AWA is brought up but Larry said it wasn?t true, on Verne Gagne Larry speaks about how he didn?t see the future of wrestling he was too traditional and never got the entertainment aspect of the business.

On the WWE Larry says Vince calls it entertainment so he doesn?t have to pay tax on having athletes on the pay roll.

Larry talks about fearing he would be locked up when Road Warrior Hawk was with an underage girl at a hotel the night before.

On the AWA Larry talks about how it was formed as a spin off of the NWA and was created to be very traditional and wrestling oriented.

Larry tells some stories about Bruiser Brody, and how he could never work anywhere for long. He also talks about Stan Hansen and the time he drove over the AWA world title.

Larry talks about Eric Bischoff how he had a big ego and how he was an assistant with the AWA when Larry was there and when Larry left Eric got his job and eventually got more power in AWA and eventually WCW. Eric started to push himself over the wrestlers and this led to poor ratings and eventually caused the demise of WCW. Larry has never heard of Eric's new show Hulk Hogan's CCW.

Larry is asked by the guys about the deaths in wrestling which he says because the business is so surreal and how wrestlers live such different lives to normal people that they can eventually find reality very difficult and this can lead to drug and alcohol abuse.

Larry tells a story about a drunken Wally Karbo wearing 2 socks on 1 foot on a plane ride.

Jack asks if Larry found it odd that fans cheered Baron Von Raschke for doing the goose step. Larry explains how Baron became a legend and that people cheered him before of his status.

Larry talks about the time Sherri Martel lifted her dress off camera revealing she had no panties on during an interview with him and Larry Zbyszko. Larry Z crawled on his hands and knees trying to get him some.

Larry talks about the time Shawn Michaels paid a hooker to perform oral sex on Marty Jannetty in the studio, while the camera man filmed it.

Larry talks about leaving AWA in a cowardly manner, and without any notification.
This was a good interview and should be checked out there are some good stories from the AWA with wrestlers like the Midnight Rockers, Col Debeers and Curt Henning and Larry also gives some tips on speaking carney.

You can also contact Larry by email Larry@yourcountrystation.net

Remember these are just a few highlights to hear the full uncut interview head on over to www.InYourHeadOnline.com and don't forget to tune in every week 8PM Eastern, Next week's guests on November 12th are Eric Bischoff and Rob Conway, Other guests who are scheduled to appear include Kevin Sullivan, Rock Riddle and many more so be sure to check out InYourHeadOnline.com for all of your In Your Head Wrestling Radio needs. Don't forget to also check In Your Head's 3 Year Archive which includes interviews from Bill Golbberg, Honky Tonk Man, Paul Bearer, "Goldust" "Black Reign" Dustin Rhodes, Bruno Sammartino, Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho, Mick Foley, Samoa Joe, Sunny and many more that's InYourHeadOnline.com
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