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Interview Recap - Mike Modest

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 20:19, Oct 08 2008

by Simon McCall

In your head wrestling radio interview with Mike Modest October 1st 2008-10-08
Check out the full interview at www.inyourheadonline.com live show 8-10 EST

The hosts Jack, OIB and Barbie are joined by Mike who is really happy to be on the show. They briefly discuss wrestlers in movies such as Roddy Piper and Jesse Ventura, Mike loved Roddys I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum line from They Live.

Mike tells a story of his first match against a wrestler called Samoa Bulldog, and how he got the shit kicked out of him and actually had to run away to protect himself.

On what he is doing now, Mike says he is working for Pro Wrestling Revolution and Big Time Wrestling both based in California, Mike says both company?s are going well and drawing some decent crowds.

You can check Mike out at myspace/michaelmodest, Mike says he is very MySpace friendly and will try to reply to everyone?s messages

Some callers questions include Kicks who asks how to get a job with APW, Mike helps him out by giving him a number to call, Shelly asks what Mike would bring to TNA, Mike says a veteran style and credibility, Santa Loco asks who is his favourite Mexican wrestler, Mike listed a few including Konan and Lizmark JR, but his favourite is a tie between Juvi Guerrera and Ricky Marvin.

On TNA, mike tells the guys that he had a great time there but worked twice and only got paid once, he wrestled against the naturals in a good match and then a squash against LAX, he later got heat with Terry Taylor when he emailed him afterwards and said how he only got paid once and felt like a prostitute which he felt Terry took the wrong way.

On WWE, Mike talks about how he never marketed himself towards the WWE, he has heard stories of how hard life is on the road with their hectic schedule but he would love to work their and so would any wrestler in the business.

When asked about Beyond The Mat a wrestling documentary he was in Mike says the WWE tryout was set up for the movie and was not a legit tryout, he also says Roland Alexander got a bad rap and was made to look foolish. Mike says he was better off for doing the movie and doesn?t regret it.

Mike goes on to recall his time in Japan , working for Noah was a good time for him, he worked the Tokyo Dome in front of 58,000 people and got to wrestle on of his idols Misawa, also the wrestling there is very credible and is a sport, the bad times he had there though were missing the birth of his second child and the food, he got sick of sushi and you cant find a decent sandwich anywhere in Japan.

Mike also tells the guys about a tryout match he had for WCW where he wrestled Elix Skipper and was praised by wrestlers such as Arn Anderson and Ric Flair.

When asked about any bad angles he was in Mike says he was asked to do a rape scene in XPW but choose not to do it because it was a bad idea and too real, this lead to some heat with XPW owner Rob Black.

To wrap up Mike answered a question about the accident in which The Great Kahli killed a wrestler while training, Mike says he doesn?t blame Kahli he should have been trained better and he actually felt bad for Kahli who was very upset.

Finally Mikes advice for potential wrestlers cardio cardio cardio and learn to protect yourself by learning some amateur wrestling and maybe some boxing,

This was a great interview with a great worker and you should try to catch the full thing, Mike also has some good stories and some very funny ribs.

To hear the full one hour uncut interview go to inyourheadonline.com and don?t forget to check out the show live every Wednesday at 8PM Eastern, Upcoming guests include, La Resistance?s Sylvain Grenier, AWA?s Larry Nelson, Simon Dean (aka bWo?s Nova, Mike Bucci), Kevin Sullivan and many more. Inyourheadonline.com also has a 4 year archive which consists of interviews from people such as Mick Foley, Chris Jericho, Kevin Nash, Eric Bischoff, Goldberg, Terry Funk and more, Be sure to check inyourheadonline.com for all of your In Your Head news.

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