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Who Screwed Brock Lesnar

Posted in Xtremeview by Jack at 04:03, May 07 2008

by Jason "XtremeFalls" Simmons

Who Screwed Brock Lesnar
Originally Posted: February 19, 2005
by Jason "XtremeFalls" Simmons

In my new column I want to discuss recent events that have occurred between Brock Lesnar and World Wrestling Entertainment. As we know, Brock filed a lawsuit against the WWE to break the No Compete clause in his contract, to enable him to get out of the WWE and join the NFL. Now for those who don't know the contract says, Brock cannot compete in any other company including TNA, anywhere in Japan, or any other type of wrestling promotion. This will last until the year 2010, which, now that he has no offers from the NFL, has left Brock out on his ass.

Why did he leave WWE in the first place" The reason given by Brock was to join the National Football League. Which he did, but after failing to make the Minnesota Vikings practice squad and being cut from the roster he is now left doing nothing. Also there was an internet rumor he didn't want to be the Undertaker's first feud knowing he was going to lose so he left. Another internet rumor suggested he was embarrassed that after Eddie Guerrero won the WWE title, the business numbers picked up. Brock also gave the reason that he was tired of the travelling schedule of the WWE, which I think we all can agree is really rough to do. The question is, was the reason he left legit or just Brock playing politics"

Here is where the story got interesting. It was two weeks before Wrestlemania 20, the biggest PPV for the WWE in a long time, when news broke on the internet that Brock Lesnar gave his notice. Lesnar quit WWE two weeks before his showdown with someone most people knew was leaving after Wrestlemania - Goldberg. It was reported that Brock agreed to perform the match with Steve Austin as referee. So at Wrestlemania 20, in what was supposed to be one of the big main events, a classic Wrestlemania moment ended up being a complete disaster. Brock and Goldberg had the fans turn on them and boo both men out of the building chanting "This Match Sucks" and singing good-bye. The egos of both men took a huge blow. To be fair to the fans they never really got a reason to cheer either man; both when out there stared each other down for six minutes. At one point Brock locked Goldberg in a standing arm bar. After the fans booed them for sitting in the move for two minutes Brock broke the hold and they resumed it for another two minutes. So after being embarrassed and looking horrible in his last WWE match, he walked out of the WWE doors after two years of being over pushed, getting three title runs, and causing SmackDown! to look bad with the show being written around him.

Off to football Brock went, where he trained for a couple of months to get in shape. He got his chance to work out in front of NFL teams such as the Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles. After a shaky period, where it was unknown if Lesnar would get a deal, the Vikings decided to sign him to the practice squad. During this time Brock was said to refuse to sign anything for fans that was WWE related, as well as bad-mouthing wrestling and the WWE. Sable (aka Rena Mero, Brock's girlfriend) also got in to the action and bashed the WWE. Not surprisingly, she was fired. After a while Brock was cut from the Vikings and told he might be offered a job if he went to NFL Europe and trained more.

Rumors start to come out that Brock Lesnar called Vince McMahon to get back in the WWE but his calls weren't answered. After a couple of weeks went by Brock showed up at a Japan show with Rena Mero and didn't really do much. The week of the Royal Rumble there was a rumor Brock had signed to be the 30th man in the Royal Rumble. The Rumble came and went and no Brock Lesnar showed up. It was then said on the internet that the reason Brock was not let back into the WWE was because his asking price and travel demands were downright impossible for the WWE to consider. So now, less than a week ago, news broke that Brock Lesnar is suing the WWE because he willingly signed a No Compete clause that lasted until the year 2010 and has now said it made it impossible for him to make a living.

So now that I've caught you up let me talk about what I think about all of this crap. First off I gotta ask the question - how did a guy go from being the most Promising Youngster since Chris Jericho, to being a bitter young jerk" OK I don't believe he was too committed to the football thing because, come on, he hasn't played since high school and didn't really try too hard (in my opinion) to make it in the sport. I think Brock saw he was moving out of the top spot and didn't want to become an upper midcarder so he left, planning on coming back later. See the problem was the fans found out he was leaving and was booed and hated. So now the question is who screwed Brock - WWE and Vince McMahon or Brock Lesnar"

The answer fans - Brock Lesnar screwed Brock Lesnar not Vince McMahon and the WWE. In the first place, he shouldn't have decided to leave at SmackDown! when he knew Goldberg was leaving and the WWE needed him - leaving did nothing but piss the WWE off. He knew what he was signing when he did. Also Brock bashing the WWE and the wrestling business was stupid and his wife bashing the WWE didn't help him either. It did nothing but show Lesnar had no respect for the WWE or the business. Brock refusing to sign WWE products was another jack ass move by the man, I mean you don't have to like it, just sign the damn thing your fans. Now he wants back after all that but he also wants stuff he doesn't deserve. He is no Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin, who can justify a lot of money, and he isn't the Undertaker who went 12 years of full time travel schedule before getting less travel time. He doesn't deserve a lot of money and less travel. In real life Brock is not a big draw, because considering the push he was given and the results the WWE got, you would have to say it was a disappointment.

So what's left for him to do" One - drop the stupid lawsuit because the WWE is not stopping him from making a living they are stopping him from making money off the guy they created. I will admit the year 2010 is a long way off, but Brock knew what he was signing so that's his problem. Two - he should go on every wrestling radio show and say sorry to the fans. If the WWE is willing to bring him in he should take a big pay cut, travel anytime he can and job when asked to get the respect of the locker room back. He also needs to do something to get someone like me who feels he not only insulted and walked out on Vince McMahon but he did that to every one of the fans and people who helped get him there. So to the fans who disagree with my opinion I really couldn't less because I know that the reasons he left and the reasons he isn't back is really his fault.

OK, well now that I'm done with that all I wanna say is thanks for reading the column and would love some feedback, if its negative I will e-mail you something back, I swear, and if its positive I will do the same. OK thanks.

by Jason "Xtremefalls" Simmons

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