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Interview Recap - Adnan Alkaissy

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 07:28, Aug 27 2005

by Neal Jones

Adnan Alkaissy was this weeks guest on In Your Head at www.inyourheadonline.com.

Adnan talks about his autobiography "The Sheikh of Baghdad: Tales of Celebrity and Terror from Pro Wrestling's General Adnan" available at http://www.bernsteinbooks.com/SheikhofBaghdad.htm and at all book stores.

Adnan says he wrote the book a long time ago, but could not publish it while Saddam Hussein was still in power in Iraq for fear of his family.

Adnan talks about his family back in Iraq. Including a brother who is a judge who worked for Saddam for 35 years. Adnan is the only one in the USA. He still keeps in contact with them over the phone.

Adnan talks about his time as Billy White Wolf. Some promoters said they needed an American Indian wrestler, and they thought he looked like one so they gave him the gimmick and he wrestled with it all over the world.

Adnan talks about becoming the Sheik in Europe. And then taking it to the AWA.

Adnan says he liked the Sheik gimmick better.

Adnan talks about Verne Gagne. Says he got along with him well and made a lot of money in the AWA. Adnan talks about taking wrestlers like Ken Patera and Jerry Blackwell and making them into Sheiks, which drew a lot of money.

Adnan talks about going back to Iraq. And drawing the biggest crowd ever in a famous soccer stadium. Saddam paid him a lot and gave him a mansion, and cars to stay. Adnan claims there was 200,000 people in the stadium.

Adnan talks about wrestling big stars from Africa, Europe, and Bob Roop and Andre the giant while in Iraq.

Adnan talks about Andre the Giant. Saying the fans never saw a man like that. He says it was something to remember for the rest of his life. After the match the guards shot their guns in the air for celebration. And Andre got scared of the machine gun fire and hid under the ring.

Adnan talks about wrestling for Jim Barnet in Australia and England, USA and all over the world while he still wrestled in Iraq until leaving in the late 70's.

Adnan talks about always wrestling as a heel in USA or Iraq as the Sheik character. But the fans still cheered it in Iraq. He also loved wrestling as an Indian baby face.

Adnan talks about working with Slaughter vs Hulk Hogan. He says it was a scary time. He says Hulk was a good guy as long as he knew he was winning. Adnan remember the big Wrestlemania 7 match.

Adnan says Slaughter couldn't get over as a heel at the time, until they added Adnan with him. Then Slaughter liked the gimmick because it made him money. Adnan says neither ever had any problems with anything McMahon asked them to do because they were making so much money.

Adnan talks about his family seeing him as the evil character. He says they were always fine with it. They knew he was playing a character.

Adnan says his favorite was Andre the Giant. He would take big bumps for Adnan in Baghdad. He says it was the best match he ever had.

Adnan talks about liking wrestling more than managing. He says now that he's older and can't take bumps it is fine, but preferred wrestling.

Adnan talks about still managing on the indy scene today here and there. And making speeches.

Adnan talks about talking to Vince McMahon about managing Hassan and Davari. He told Vince he would like to manage them as a baby face team. Vince liked the idea and said he would get back to him, and is still waiting. Adnan talks about them being off TV because of the war and the fans not wanting to see them on TV.

Adnan talks about his favorite wrestler he managed Bruiser Brody.

IYH Fan Rick Rude's Mustache asks if he ever got in trouble with irate fans. Adnan talks about many fans who tried to kill him, some attacked him and some had knives. Adnan says if it wasn't for the security he would be dead now. He's glad he doesn't have to go through that again.

IYH Fan Bob from Florida asks about the AWA. Adnan says his time their was fantastic, he really enjoyed it.

IYH fan Buck Winchester asks if the angle hurt Sgt Slaughter's career. Adnan says it didn't because he turned face again, and is still working for Vince now.

IYH fan Casinoman asks about the pointy boots. Adnan says it is just the regular custom to wear them in Iraq.

IYH fan Whipwreck asks about the rumor Saddam threatened to kill Andre the Giant if he hurt him. Adnan says he heard him say it before the match. Saddam Hussein said he would put a bullet in Andre's head and send him home in a pine box to France if he didn't lose to Adnan. Adnan told Saddam their would be no problems, and beat Andre 2 straight falls to save his life.

Adnan talks about never losing a match in Iraq because the fans would of rioted. He lost a few by DQ, but never pin fall or submission.

In closing Adnan tells his fans to read his book, it's not just about wrestling. But about his life growing up. And how hard it was for him to come to America. And to check the local book stores. And God Bless the fans, the IYH hosts and God Bless America.

Please check out www.inyourheadonline.com to hear this great interview, and many other archived interviews with Wrestling Legends. And check out next week when we are joined by Dave Meltzer.

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