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Interview Recap - David Marquez

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 22:59, Apr 03 2008

By: Bob Colling of http://colling1989.proboards41.com/index.cgi wrestling recaps from past and present, WWE, WCW, ECW, and TNA?

Dave plugs the NWA Showcase which is exclusive on the DISH network ay 8pm ET. He says that NWA focuses on the wrestling aspect and competition.

Dave has known NWA Champion Adam Pearce since their Midwest days. Mentions CM Punk, Cabana and Steel. Dave says he knew Pearce had the ?it? factor when he met him. Says Pearce does his job well.

The NWA is special to Dave, and believes that it has some luster over the last few years, as the main belt hasn?t been on a top name, like a Flair for quite sometime.

He mentions working with Gordon Solie, which is why he is more old school in how he broadcasts.

Dave has never gotten into the ring, he is more of a backstage guy.

He is happy for Gordon Solie for getting inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Dave mentions that Gordon was not a big fan of Vince and was vocal about that.

Dave believes that Jim Ross will induct Gordon into the Hall of Fame. Which he believes he should.

A caller asks about Dave?s thoughts on the TNA Lockdown pay per view. He doesn?t know much about the show, but is interested in Angle Vs Joe match.

?We were kind of stuck.? When talking about the NWA Title situation when Bryan Danielson injured his eye. Which led to Adam Pearce defeating Brent Albright to win the title.

He believes that Bryan Danielson is one of the best today. Also believes that Puma should be on that list.

Dave hopes to be able to bring in some Japan talent in the Fall.

A caller asks about Sean Waltman and his attempts to win the title from Adam Pearce. Dave though the feud was good, but his injuries prevented him from winning the title.

A caller asks about NWA, and how many there are. Dave goes over the titles and the scenarios. He mentions that WCW was a member of the NWA. Even when Crockett was sold to Ted Turner, they were still under NWA banner, until 1993.

Dave mentions when Ric Flair brought the NWA Title onto WWF, and why it was pixilated.

Along with Shane Douglas and how ECW started. Dave mentions that the NWA has started many prominent promotions.

TNA was not apart of the NWA. Instead, they made a licensing deal.

Dave mentions that NWA has never gone away. Mentions that WCW, and ECW are both gone.

He knows that Vince McMahon does not see the NWA as a threat.

Dave believes that the NWA title is better off, not with TNA, because they can now choose their own direction. TNA was just a business deal.

Brings up the fact that if someone high profile (Nash or Sting) where to win the NWA title, they would have to spend thousands of dollars for them to perform, which they can?t afford.

Dave puts over Mike Quakenbush, saying that he is very innovative in the ring.

Dave mentions having a friendship with the recently passed Gary Hart.

A caller asks about Blue Demon. Dave says that Demon is a great talent, and easy to work with.

Dave talks about his time working with WSX and XPW. He did the editing and other things for XPW.

He says his ?claim to fame? was the Vic Grimes incident at XPW Free Fall.

Jeff Caper, a NWA referee, calls in. He thanks Dave and the NWA for the last seven years of being a referee.

Dave talks about how he got into the NWA, through New Japan wrestling partnership deal.

www.nwawrestling.com for all the merchandise. Dave also mentions that NWA is in retail, Best Buy and other locations.

Dave mentions a show on the 18th and 19th of April. The show will be a television taping, and is currently working on a few surprises for the 18th show.

He is happy with the audience the NWA has been able to get for their arena shows.

Dave mentions attempting to change the product to make the product more appealing.

He was shocked when he went to LA and people actually knew who he was at a WWE show.

Make sure to watch NWA Showcase!

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