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Interview Recap - Steve Corino

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 03:57, Jul 01 2005

by Neal Jones

Steve Corino Joined The Show after a long introduction by Barbedwire. Corino offered him a job.

Jack asked him why he wasn't at either ECW show. Corino said he sees ECW as his past, and always looks to the future. He was offered to be at both, and watched the WWE PPV. He loved the ECW WWE PPV. Talks about the JBL/Blue Meanie confrontation. Just saying he wasn't there and likes both guys, and hopefully its resolved and doesn't go to legal action.

The AWA title win is brought up. An AWA show was the first show Corino ever saw. He says it was quite an honor. And that the title means a lot of Japan. Corino is going to defend the title world wide.

Asked which title was his favorite to win. Corino says all were special. The ECW was his first he ever won. The NWA was the first he ever saw on TV. And the AWA is a rebirth. All are special to him.

Corino talks about the Dory Funk Dojo. He says that's when he really started to get it. Kurt Angle, Test, Devon Storm, Christopher Daniels, Tiger Ali Singh and many more were involved in the dojo at the time. Corino says Kurt was just a natural at it. He was surprised Daniels was never brought to WWE, he was the star.

Barbie asks how long it was before he went to ECW from there. Steve says he went straight to ECW. They asked if he was worried about hardcore matches in ECW. Steve said he had done them before in Puerto Rico and the Indy's. Steve said he picked the anti hardcore gimmick since hardcore was so popular at the time. He thought of the chair headlock spot in the car with Simon Diamond.

Corino talks about road trips. Bringing up a time with Jack Victory peed himself. Corino talks about writing down his road stories for his book some day. Corino was a huge fan of Victory from the UWF days. So he was happy to be paired up with him in ECW. A question rom the IYH message board at www.inyourheadonline.com, who has the bigger butt Victory or Cactus Jack. Steve claims Victory does.

Asked Corino if he has any plans on going back to TNA. He quickly answers no. He said he would never go back if Russo was in charge. He does like Scott D'Amore, and would think of going back if he was in charge.

Corino talks about being a manager in tights. He preferred being a wrestler, but enjoyed his role as a manager. He knew his spot as the mouth piece for Rhino in ECW.

Asked what it was like wrestling Dusty Rhodes for the first time. Corino says it was cool. He watched him growing up. He still wrestles him in Japan.

Talks about Hustle. Steve says he hated it to begin with. But once you realize its fun, he enjoys it. He says you have to experience it live.

Corino talks about the Extreme Horseman gimmick starting in Dusty Rhodes Turnbuckle Championship wrestling with Barry Windham. And then using the stable bigger in Court Bauer's MLW. Corino thought MLW would have a longer run, but knew it wouldn't last and thought it outdid itself sometimes by drawing some big crowds. He loved the experience of wrestling his heroes. Talks about why it went down.

His favorite place to wrestle is Zero One in Japan. Masato Tanaka is his favorite opponent.

The CW Anderson interview from www.inyourheadonline.com is brought up when CW mentions Corino having the larger head. Corino tells an entertaining story about who really has the bigger cranium. They ask him about road stories in Japan with CW. Corino says most he cant talk about. Tells one about Tom Howard not knowing how to use alka seltzer. And just popping them in his mouth like pills.

Corino talks about getting used to the food in Japan. He usually goes to the McDonalds and Korean BBQ. He says Spanky is more adventurous and will eat anything.

More fan questions from the interactive forum at www.inyourheadonline.com. Future plans for his training school ? Corino has plans of opening a new one soon. Does he feel disrespected when ex WWE wrestlers get positions in Japan before a lot of hard working indy guys ? Corino says he has nothing against guys from WWE, but he thinks hard working Indy guys will mean more for the Japanese product. Corino talks about booking American Indy guys for Japanese tours. When did he start bringing an announcer with him ? Corino says it started in ROH. He did everything he could to get heat there.

Talks about the ROH product. He says its awesome. All the guys work their a$$es off. Steve says no plans of going back to ROH. But you never know where he will show up. He's still deaf in the left ear from his match with Homicide. He will get surgery once he is done wrestling. Corino says the ear pretty much knocks him out while flying.

Corino talks about his try outs with WWE as a commentator. Steve says his son is no longer involved in wrestling. Steve talks about the time Colby got in the ring and the Japanese guys took bumps for them. Steve was worried, but in the back the Japanese wrestlers loved it.

Corino talks about coming out with his autobiography eventually. And he writes his funny road stories down. Steve talks about all the wrestling books. And he buys them all and enjoys them. Talks about Mick Foley starting the trend.

Corino says he never got the ECW money, but he got the opportunities there, and he wouldn't be where he is with out his ECW run.

Corino talks about the Yakuza in Japanese Wrestling. Corino says you pretty much know where they are. And its different than the Mafia in the USA. Every big town has their own and actually polices the towns. They don't start trouble. The Yakuza takes the boys out after the shows, and they are a lot of fun, real nice guys. They treat everyone well, and tip well.

Corino talks about his future. He wants to bring some respect to the AWA title. Start the Dojo up, start up a small wrestling company. Corino talks about his 2 students Law and Landell. And he helped train Mark Coleman in Japan to switch from MMA to pro wrestling.

Another question from a fan. Is Mitsuhara racist ? Corino says its how they grew up, and the fact the USA dropped the bomb. But the tide is turning, and they use a lot of Americans on the show. But there is some racism.

Corino talks about working different styles. Old school with Zbysko, strong stiff style in Japan or vs Samoa Joe.

Corino mentions the old school guys he watched growing up and take some from including Dick Murdoch, Flair, Rhodes, Hayes and new Japan guys like Kawada. And to keep learning styles.

In closing Corino thanks his fans for all their support and to visit www.stevecorino.com to check out the dates he's working in the USA, Canada, Finland etc.

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