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Interview Recap - ODB

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 11:44, Mar 05 2008

By Neal Jones

ODB was the guest on the In Your Head Show hosted by Jack, One Inch Biceps and Barbie Richards at http://www.inyourheadonline.com

ODB was welcomed to the show, she mentions she?s having a cold beer and relaxing. Jack asks how close the ODB character is to the real her. ODB says it?s really her after a few drinks, maybe turned up a few in the ring.

ODB talks about her recent matches with Awesome Kong, and she lit that b*tch up and looks forward to doing it again. Jack mentions hearing ODB yell ?kiss my white a$$ b*tch? clearly on PPV. ODB says she wasn?t used to wrestling somebody bigger than her, she?s used to being the one throwing the other person around.

Jack asks if ODB is happy with TNA?s handling of the women?s division. ODB says she is very happy, it went from no females in the ring to 10 or 12. All are different too, which helps make the division special.

ODB says she has no problem with the Knock Out Division name.

OIB asks what is in the flask. ODB says don?t worry but it gets her pumped up like Popeye?s spinach.

ODB talks about the TNA crowd popping for her so fast. She thinks fans are afraid of her initially, but she is a normal redneck girl that people can relate to.

Caller Brian asks ODB about working in OVW and a college buddy of his. ODB says OVW was one of her best experiences ever. Danny Davis and Al Snow let her work with the contracted wrestlers, and they were all together.

Jack asks if ODB was surprised if WWE never brought her up form OVW. ODB said they always told her she didn?t look like a diva, and she is proud to be in TNA and WWE never gave her a shot. ODB said when WWE would tell her she didn?t look right it lit a fire under her.

ODB talks about WWE not being affiliated with OVW anymore. She think it sucks, but she hopes she didn?t kill the territory. ODB thinks Danny will still keep it going and WWE might still look for talent there.

ODB talks about Cornette being gone when she got to OVW, and Paul Heyman leaving right before.

OIB asks ODB who her idols growing up were. ODB said #1 was Randy Savage because of his colorful outfits and presence. ODB also says she loved Ultimate Warrior and the way he?d run to the ring. She also names Honky Tonk Man, Dibiase, Demolition and more.

IYH fan Slartibardfast asks about ODB?s more feminine look recently. ODB said she used to be small then got jacked up, then decided to look more feminine but still be her.

Jack mentions Kong?s wardrobe malfunction on PPV and if anything ever happened like that to her. ODB laughs and says she a little part of her was showing out of her little black shorts once, and someone sold it online.

ODB mentions appearing at the NWA Legend?s Fanfest in Charlotte this August. ODB looks forward to meeting the fans and the other legends. For more information please visit: http://www.legendsfanfest.com

Jack asks if any fans asks for a ?Dirty Dozen?. ODB says someone just asked her last night in the bar after a TNA taping.

ODB talks about her new camo t-shirt available at htttp://www.tnawrestling.com She believes she is the first Knock Out to have a t-shirt.

ODB is looking forward to getting in the ring with Gail Kim, and maybe teaming against Kong.

ODB says her brother used to call her a dirty b*tch, and that is how she got the nickname. Her character developed more in OVW under Danny Davis.

ODB talks about Ken Kennedy and Daivari teaching her a lot in her early years on the road traveling. Then Al Snow, Robert Gibson and Danny Davis taught her a lot in OVW. She tries to grab something from all the wrestlers she meets.

ODB says she only did the MMA match because the money was good, she wanted gas money for her RAW try out. She wouldn?t mind doing it good, she thinks she would do good if she set her mind to it.

OIB asks if ODB ever plans to get involved in the Eric Young James Storm drinking feud. ODB thinks it?s odd they haven?t gone that direction yet, ODB says bring it on.

Barbie asks ODB?s opinion on Shimmer. ODB says they are very good athletes, and they all bust their asses off. ODB would love to do a show for them someday but has never been contacted.

Jack asks who ODB would like to wrestle who she hasn?t. ODB says her dream match would be Beth Phoenix. She?d also like to fight Mickie James.

ODB talks about ribs, and laughs she never has done any that were too bad. She said in OVW the guys would do a lot of sh*t to her like set her up with people in bars, she always got them back.

Barbie asks about Sarah Del Ray. ODB said she never wrestled her but met her for the first time at a ROH show recently. She?d like to get into the ring sometime.

ODB tells all the fans to watch TNA Impact on Spike TV, buy her merchandise and she isn?t just another pretty face?bam!

You can listen to the full-length 30 minute interview and other current interviews with TNA Knockout Traci Brooks, Chikara?s Mitch Ryder, RVD, Juventud Guerrera, Manny Fernandez and D-Ray 3000 at http://www.inyourheadonline.com and new episodes Wednesdays at 8 PM EST.

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