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Interview Recap - Juventud Guerrera

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 17:30, Feb 11 2008

By Neal Jones

Juventud Guerrera was the guest on the In Your Head show hosted by Jack, One Inch Biceps, Barbie Richards and guest co-host IYH Fan El Santo Loco at http://www.inyourheadonline.com .

Juvi was welcomed to the show, says he is doing well and is going to Australia in July and Spain soon. He is doing well in Mexico now, working for wrestling starting his music career.

Juvi talks about his musical career he has started. He wrote the lyrics for the tracks, he?s trying to combine music and wrestling. Juvi thinks it?s a good mix, like Chris Jericho and Lita.

Jack asks if anyone in Mexico has a problem with him wearing the mask in Mexico. Juvi says he didn?t lose the mask in Mexico so he can still wear it. Juvi talks about the Mexican Wrestling Commission stopping him from wearing it when he wrestles. Fans can buy his masks along with jerseys, t-shirts and other lucha star masks at Juvi?s official website http://www.juventudgx.com

Caller Jason asks what it is like working with and against Fuerza Guerrera, Juvi?s dad. Juvi said he is very proud of his match against his father, and they work their asses off. Jack asks if wrestling was what Juvi knew he was going to do his whole life. Juvi said when he turned 16 he became a manager and took wrestling classes. Juvi hopes maybe someday he can do a mask vs. hair match vs. his dad.

Guest co-host El Santo Loco asks how the Mexican Powers came about in AAA. Juvi says when he got back to Mexico from WWE he started working for Antonio Pena, and he liked the idea for the group and name.

Jack asks if Juvi was nervous his first time wrestling in the USA. Juvi says yes, plus he gets a lot of jealous from people, which he still does now. Juvi says you have to do the best you can and love the business. Juvi talks about his initial ECW experience and meeting Paul Heyman, RVD, Sabu and building a relationship with them. Juvi says Konnan was like his promoter, and helped him get into ECW. Juvi says Konnan did it for his own benefits but he was helpful, it was a difficult situation because Konnan used them for power but they felt like a family. Juvi feels like even though they grow apart and do their own thing they stay a family and watch what the others are doing.

Caller Bryan Jones asks if Juvi patterned his mask off of Jushin Thunder Liger. Juvi says yes he got the futuristic different design off Jushin. Bryan asks the difference between Guerrera and Guerrero. Juvi explains Guerrero is a last name, and Guerrera means warrior. Juvi says throughout the years people have got confused about him being part of the Guerrero family. They felt like family, and he misses Eddie very much. Juvi says his dad and himself are friends with the whole Guerrero family. Juvi is proud to be part of this generation of luchas.

Jack asks if WCW saw them as too small. Juvi said it was an inspiration for them, to show all you needed was a special style and the heart to make it. Juvi feels his generation was the inspiration for many wrestlers today who would have thought they were too small.

Caller Dustin asks if Juvi left on good terms with WWE and if he will ever come back. Juvi thinks the door is always open, and as long as he works hard in Mexico he thinks sooner or later he will be back in WWE.

OIB asks what it was like traveling with Bob Orton Jr. Juvi says it was funny, he was a really nice person. Juvi laughs saying he had some stories and experiences.

Jack asks if there are any problems with Juvi going back to Australia after his WCW experience. Juvi says he has gone back twice since then. He made a bad decision at the time when he was younger, and hopes to not do anything like that again.

Juvi says he is working on a wrestling school in Mexico similar to Ultimo Dragon. Where wrestlers can come from all over the world to be Juvi 2nd generation wrestlers. Juvi will have a house where they can live for 6 months and learn wrestling with him. There will be more news upcoming on his website http://www.juventudgx.com Jack suggests taping it for TV or DVD.

Caller Mike asks how the Juice nickname started. Juvi says people always called him Juvi in WCW because Juventud was hard for some people. Konnan started calling him Juvi-Juice. Then it was shortened to The Juice similar to the Rock. Juvi says he met The Rock once at the airport, and was leery about meeting him, since he wasn?t sure how he would react. The Rock said hi how are you, and was a really nice guy and told Juvi he liked The Juice. Rock wasn?t upset at all. Juvi would love to work with the Rock someday.

Jack asks why Blitzkrieg retired so early. Juvi says he was his good friend. Juvi isn?t exactly sure why he left the business he was a really good talent.

Jack asks Juvi who his favorite guys to work with. Juvi mentions Kidman and Jericho. He doesn?t have a favorite, but he and Rey Mysterio were so similar they did special exciting things together.

Jack asks Juvi if it was good or bad he lost his mask. Juvi says he never knows for sure. He got recognized more, but he wishes he never lost it for Mexico. Juvi thinks it?s good and bad.

Juvi says he enjoyed working with Vince Russo. He was good for Juvi, he liked him and gave him a good push. Juvi felt it when Russo left, he wasn?t given the same push.

OIB asks Juvi about the Mexicools. Juvi thought they were a great team. Juvi isn?t sure why it disappeared so early. It was a difficult situation, Pyschosis and Super crazy didn?t like it that Juvi was presented as the leader.

Jack asks if there was a bigger singles push for Juvi planned after he won the Cruiserweight title. Juvi says people say bs about him wanting a bigger push, but he was just following the WWE rules. Juvi says there are politics everywhere in WWE, WCW and even in Mesxico.

Juvi says WWE tried to hold him down by limiting his moves. For example telling he can?t do frankensteiners because they were only for Rey Mysterio. Juvi was very frustrated, he grew up doing these moves and was excited to give these moves to his fans. Juvi hopes he can come back someday and give the fans his all. Juvi says people wanted to see his high flying, but WWE limited him to boots, clotheslines and a big backdrop. Juvi hopes to prove himself there someday.

Jack asks about working with Kid Kash. Juvi says they could have done a lot more than they did, but WWE limited him with his moves too. So they had to follow the WWE rules. Juvi is grateful for his time in WWE and wishes he can have another chance to prove himself.

Barbie asks when WCW had Juvi lose his mask to Jericho was he surprised WCW didn?t do more with the feud afterwards. Juvi was just happy to be in WCW, he was very young.

Jack asks about the Filthy Animals group. Juvi says it was a lot of fun, and he would like to get that group back together.

Juvi talks about working with Konnan again in Mexico. Konnan?s Outsiders Group vs. Juvi?s Mexican Powers.

Santo asks how close Juvi was with Antonio Pena. Juvi says he was a great guy, he made AAA and it?s still going today. He gave guys like himself and Rey their first chance at main events. Juvi misses him a lot, he was not only his boss but his friend. Juvi says life is life and he prays for his dead friends like Eddie and Antonio. Jack asks if seeing his friends die young if it scares him to not do things he has done in the past. Juvi says yes, this business can be depressing, he really enjoys making the fans happy and that is what makes him happy.

Jack jokes about the nude pics of Juvi on the website http://www.juventudgx.com and Juvi laughs saying he wanted to do some ?juicey? things for the female fans.

Santo says they get the AAA show a month or more behind in the states, and who are the current members of the Mexican Powers. Juvi talks about the original 4m and the different members who have come and gone. Santo mentions making Crazy Boy?s myspace videos for him.

Jack asks about a lot of current American stars like Ron Killings going to Mexico. Juvi says it?s because Lucha is really hot in Mexico right now right after Soccer.

ODB asks if Juvi gets along with Hall and Nash. Juiv says they are his buddies.

Juvi says recently Sean Waltman ?X-Pac? got depressed and tried to commit suicide in Mexico. He is in the US now being taken care of, everyone wish his fast recovery. Juvi visited him the night before and he is doing well.

Barbie asks Juvi about working in 1PW in England. Juvi says it was good, he worked with Pac there.

Jack asks about Juvi?s short TNA stay. Juvi says he always has to have a work visa since he is from Mexico. Now TNA is a bigger company and can get work visas for everyone but at the time TNA wanted him to work without one. Juvi didn?t want to chance it and be kicked out of USA for good. Juvi hopes next year he gets a chance to work in TNA again. Juvi likes a lot of the talent in TNA.

Santo talks about the Mexican Powers vs. Team TNA in Mexico. Juvi says everyone was happy about their matches. Juvi would like to have a singles match with AJ Styles in the future.

The IYH Crew thanks Juvi for coming on the show. Juvi thanks them and tells everyone to check out his website and myspace to see what he has coming up, and God Bless everyone. Jack mentions upcoming Juventud musical tracks on IYH.

You can listen to the full-length interview at http://www.inyourheadonline.com along with ?The Raging Bull? Manny Fernandez and new episodes Wednesdays at 8 PM EST, next week with Rob Van Dam and TNA?s ODB.

If you use any of this please credit http://www.inyourheadonline.com

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