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Interview Recap - Chris Mordetzky

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 08:45, Dec 05 2007

By Bob Colling of http://www.angrymarks.com

Chris Mordetzky formerly ?The Masterpiece? Chris Masters was the guest on the In Your Head show hosted by Jack, One Inch Biceps and Barbie Richards at http://www.inyourheadonline.com .

After a week or so being released, Chris ?Masters? Mordetzky welcomes the wrestling world and explains his career thus far!

Mordetzky manages to quickly clarify that he is now the ?Artist formally known as Chris Masters?

He didn?t get word of going to ?Tribute to the Troops? until literally the day before, because of Kurt Angle being injured.

He admits to being selfish, but when he arrived overseas he realized that what was going on was bigger than he was.

At around this time in 2005, he was working with Shawn Michaels and was the second top heel in the company. He wasn?t totally surprised when he got the call while eating with Davari and Carlito!

A caller asks what Masters thought about UPW (Ultimate Pro Wrestling). Masters started the same day with John Cena, Masters was 16 at the time. Masters even would break his ankle three months into training.

Masters figured he was too young, and proceeded to wait until he was 19 when he would be older and mature.

Masters disagrees with the ?internet fans? when they claim that bodybuilders try to be wrestlers. He always intended to be a wrestler, when he was in the ring.

Masters agrees that you have to ?be able to turn heads? when asked about if WWE is looking for a certain type.

A caller asks how much Masters can bench, Masters says he can bench around 300-350. Mentions that he also recently dislocated his elbow in his last match.

The same caller asks if Masters would ever be interested in going into body building, Masters says that bodybuilding will forever be a ?hobby?.

Masters plugs his myspace.. www.myspace.com/chrismordetzkyoffical

Masters says that the story for him not selling the Undertaker?s offense on the recent overseas trip is false.
Masters instead that when he was sent over the top rope his arm didn?t come down with his he fell and that?s how he got injured.

Masters says he has a had a rough year professional and personally.

He was pleased with his matches with Rey Jr. and Undertaker on the tour.

Masters puts Taker over as the ?most professional guy I?ve ever worked with.?

Masters explains his way of being released..

- He got injured.
- Had to fly coach back to the United States, although he was to suppose to come back first class
- He gets a phone call that the wellness company that stated that one of the THREE tests he took had a illegal substance.
- He was very shocked, and was suspended for sixty days.

Masters at the time was also unhappy with how he was being used, and was really thinking about his career.
Two days after being suspended, he was released from WWE.

He began thinking after his first rehab stint was thinking about he was being used.

As soon as he got released he quickly began to look for something he could do.

Masters is looking for possible Hollywood experiments, but wont explain further than that.

Masterpiece83@gmail.com if you?d like to book him, or visit his Myspace.

Along with wrestling he is also doing autographs and appearances.

He already has a few bookings in the MA area on November 30th and December 1rst. His first matches since being released from the WWE.

He admits that is very hard to keep clean from substances. ?Wrestling is a very stressful? and very physically demanding?.

Believes a lot people have the wrong conception on pro wrestlers being ?jacked up on steroids?.

Says that not everyone uses steroids in the business.

Says that Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels are ?rare breed to have been doing it so long.?

Agrees that the ?Masterpiece? character added pressure to look good . He didn?t want to look like a Lex Luger or Ultimate Warrior, though.

Masters says that he has never been a heel. Jim Cornette attempted to push as a baby face in OVW, but he was booed out of the building.

A caller asked who Masters hero?s were, Masters says the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan. As he grew up he began respecting people who delivered pay per view matches.

Uses Shawn Michaels as an example of who can deliver on pay per views.

A highlight of his career was being able to wrestle HBK on pay per view (Unforgiven 2005).

The same caller asks, if its strange to do the voice over?s on wrestling games. Masters says that it?s a ?easy payday?.

Another caller asked how he liked bringing in the full nelson compared of high risk moves.. Masters wasn?t a big fan of the move at first. He compares two easy finishers, such as the People?s elbow and Hogan?s leg drop.

He knows that the crowd wouldn?t want to see the Masterpiece challenge, and admitted he wouldn?t want to either!

After the hold was broken, Masters was asked to find a new finisher. However, after the reaction in Europe, he didn?t think he needed a new finisher move.

Masters really began thinking about his career, after working with HHH, HBK and Flair, to coming back to wrestle Super Crazy. When he came back smaller.
Masters believes its contradictory to take a push away because of their built.

A caller asks how it feels to leave WWE without a title belt victory. Masters was just appreciative of working with big names and touring the country. He would have loved a title reign, but the glass is ?half full? in his eyes.

He would be very interested in a comeback in WWE sometime in the future.

Masters doesn?t see himself going out the way he did in WWE. He agrees he could go to Japan or the Indys to make a bigger name for himself.

Masters strongly believes that if he were to keep up with wrestling, he will comeback to WWE sometime in the future.

A caller tells Masters that he is indeed a big draw and that TNA and Japan could grab him. The caller also says that the WWE dropped the ball.

Masters would be interested in going to TNA or any other promotion.

He loved teaming up with his friend Carlito. He liked the ?odd pairing? of the two. He wished they could have been a tag team longer before Carlito was turned baby face.

Everything for the two changed the day before Wrestle Mania 22.

Says its really hard to compare wrestling a smaller guy to a guy larger than him. He says its great either way.

Masters puts over Rey Jr. as being an amazing worker. Mentions that he and Rey ?tore the house down? in Manchester.

His favorite Masterpiece segments included Backlash 2005, the one where he did one with Shawn Michaels because it was the last segment on a RAW, also a rather funny one where he picked a guy who just got out of jail for manslaughter.

A caller asks if he would consider being in TNA, Masters believes he could contribute to that company. He also likes the roster they now have.

Regarding a new gimmick, he believes that?s up to which company he were to work for in the future.

Masters says its different wrestling in OVW compared to wrestling on the main roster in WWE. He says its very important to listen to the crowd during matches.

When he went to Smackdown he really felt like a family their. Also, that Smackdown is the underdog.

He also says that RAW has the unpredictability compared to the taped Smackdown.

Says it was a major confidence booster when working with HBK and Flair.

Masters says that he wasn?t a Lex Luger fan, but was a fan of Rick Rude.. Says that Luger ?never really did anything for me.? On the other hand, he though Rude played his character very well.

Masters worked out with Paul Orndorff for around four days when he first made the character of the Masterpiece.
He believes that he reminded of Vince of a younger Paul Orndorff. Masters also thinks that WWE is trying to reinvent old characters with tweaks to make the character work today.

Masters thanks the fans for their supports. Says he isn?t going anywhere anytime soon. He wants to work!

End of the Hour and Twenty Five minute interview!

You can listen to the full-length interview at http://www.inyourheadonline.com and new episodes Wednesdays at 8 PM EST including this week with Shawn Stasiak.

Thanks to Bob Colling of www.angrymarks.com for this recap.

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