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Interview Recap - CW Anderson

Posted in Interview Recaps by Tyler at 00:56, Apr 23 2005

by Neal Jones

CW starts with his first meeting with Ole Anderson. Originally Ole wouldn't shake his hand. When Ole saw him hugging another wrestler he said "I've been out of the business for 20 years and everyone has turned into fags. CW was disappointed Ole wouldn't do the angle they had paid him to do on the show. He finally confronted Ole and said I've come a long way to see you, to which Ole replied "I don't give a shit". Ole finally shook his hand, but CW felt disrespected, even though he treated Ole with respect.

He was asked about his meetings with Arn Anderson. Arn told Bill Apter once he thought CW a hell of a worker and glad he carried the Anderson name.

Talked about the razor wire in the Tommy Dreamer I quit match in ECW. It was originally going to be barbed wire but they didn't have any, someone found razor wire. CW didn't want to use it, Dreamer agreed to take a bump on it once they folded down the razors flat.

Jack asked if CW was afraid of the ECW style when he signed. CW had worked the hardcore style on Indy's so it didn't bother him. But was always nervous before wrestling a Sabu or Balls for the first time. But they turned out to be great workers who never hurt him. Except the stiff chair shots by Balls Mahoney, which gave him many concussions.

When he became an Anderson he was thinking of a good 3 letter name, and came up with Cal. Then decided to use his real name initials of CW. Then talks about the origin of the hand symbol.

Asked how is Power Plant stay was. CW said the first 3 were pure hell. He hates Sgt Buddy Lee Parker and had nightmares about him. Out of the original 26 that came in when he did only 5 finished. After the 3 days, Parker was much better. CW later became a trainer in the Power Plant helping some of the Natural Born Thrillers. When JJ Dillon and Paul Orndorff took over they let him and his friend Toad go. Telling CW you guys are pretty good, but didn't have a marketable look.

Asked if he was a wrestling fan growing up. He was more of a baseball fan. But watched NWA during the Crocket era. CW was a good baseball player, but an injury sidelined him. He was the only white player for the new Negro League.

Barbedwire asked about the Zero One angle of him being the first American Wrestler to also play Japanese Baseball. It started when the Zero One officials saw him and Steve Corino playing baseball. They brought up the idea of having him try out for the Tokyo Giants, claiming it would be great publicity. Nothing has come of it yet. But CW would still be up for it.

Asked how he got into Zero One. He was best friends with Steve Corino since the indy days. Masato Tanaka was all for bringing him in. And he's been there ever since. Says he likes the stiff Japanese style and appreciates the polite Japanese fans, unlike the spoiled American fans. Hates the food in Japan though. Sushi is bait to him. Said thank god for fast food and Korean BBQ.

Asked how the Extreme Horseman started. CW says he and Corino wanted to start a stable in ECW with Simon Diamond but it never happened. Dusty Rhodes came up with the name in his promotion and but the two with Barry Windham. When they went to MLW they replaced Windham with Simon Diamond.

CW thought MLW was going to be big at first. But Court Bauer brought in the wrong guys to help manage the group, and spent way too much on flying guys in. Said they ahd good houses, and the fans liked it. CW thinks they could restart it in Florida, just needs better management and wiser spending.

Talks about getting hsi try out in ECW when his friend Toad's didn't go well. Nova asked CW to get in the ring and have a match. Paul Heyman liked him, and signed him right away. And he worked there until the end.

ECW was like a second family to the workers. CW says he went into depression when ECW closed down.

CW tells some entertaining road stories from ECW. CW has a weak stomach, and Tommy Dreamer would always try to play ribs on him to get him to puke. This time Dreamer was having pains, and said he thought he crapped himself. Dreamer kept asking Francine to check for him. They got CW in the corner, so he couldn't get out of the dressing room. Dreamerate what looked to be a turd out of his own butt cheeks in front of CW making him puke not knowing it was really a brownie.

The second story was about Jack Victory. Victory pushed CW from behind the curtain making him fall on his face. As a receipt, CW punched Jack in the face later in the show when he did a run in. Busting open his stitches and almost knocking him out. Tells the hosts that Jack Victory now works for NASA.

Asked if he ever thought of doing a new Anderson Brother tag team. Claims there's no one out there that's any good who wrestles as an Anderson. And doesnt want to carry another bad partner.

CW went to TNA once. Agents back stage told him he stole the show. But they wouldn't sign him because he wasnt in shape.

Terry Taylor told CW he was a guy the fans could relate to. That he looked like a man. And that's why the Japanese fans took to him.

Talks about his gig in WWE as a security guard for JBL on Smackdown. Fans chanted CW at him, and held up the hand gestures.

CW says it was Spike's call for his match on Velocity. That Spike was good about letting him have most of the match, since Spike already had a job he wanted CW to shine. Agents asked him if the size difference would be a problem. But it wasn't for either guy. CW got heat after the match because his super kick looked too good, and should of been the finish. CW says its frustrating when you have to be a jacked up muscle guy to get a job. And he will never be a jacked up muscle guy. Says he doesn't have an ego but he knows he's a goods worker. But because he's not a body builder he doesn't get hired.

Talks about getting booked 2 days prior for the ECW One Night Only PPV and the Hardcore Home Coming shows. He will wrestle Kid Kash at the latter show.

Talks about watching the Midnight Express R&R Express scaffold match that just happened recently. The ceiling was too low so they had to lower the scaffold. Tells a funny story about the Midnights claiming when they had to take the bump it was in the heavens, but they have it really low for the baby faces.

Asked what he thought of the ROH riot angle. He had fun, but 2 or 3 times got a little too much. He was glad no one got hurt and nothing got out of hand. Gabe of ROH doesnt want to pay his $100 flight, and was mad that CW was double booked for ROH and Japan. And that CW took the Japanese date.

Dutch Mantell told him he looked too old. Yet TNA hires Dusty, Nash, Billy Gunn etc.

He was asked about his favorite style to work. He likes the old school because its better on the body. But he likes to do the extreme style once and a while. The strong style of Japan has given him some injuries.

CW tells a very candid and must hear story about Steve Corino, CW and Spanky's visit to a Japanese S&M parlor. The visit included melted wax, and spanking all 3 with a cat o nine tails. Corino was all ddone after 2 whips. CW being the only one who takes it bare bottomed. CW says he is a freak and enjoyed it all. Spanky ended up getting hog tied and hung in the corner. The Dominatrix puts on a show with with her female slave. CW tells the hosts that Spanky is a wild man, and not to judge him by his appearance.

Asked if he thinks the guys will up their game on the ECW PPV to get noticed by the WWE. He says they probably will but not sure what good it will do. And he will just work his ECW style.

CW talks about what a huge honor it was to have Chris Benoit compliment his ring work and ring presence.

CW says Dusty has said CW is a better worker than Arn was. CW makes sure to say he doesn't know if that is true or not.

CW ends by thanking his fans and asking them to visit him at:


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