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Interview Recap - Taryn Terrell

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 07:33, Oct 09 2007

By Neal Jones

IYH WWE Diva Search Finalist Taryn Terrell Interview Recap
by Neal Jones

Taryn Terrell, WWE Diva Search Finalist, was the guest on the October 3rd edition of the In Your Head Wrestling Online show, hosted by Jack, One Inch Biceps and Barbie Richards at http://www.inyourheadonline.com

To vote for Taryn go to http://www.wwe.com/divasearch or text Taryn to 44993

The IYH Crew welcomes Taryn to the show. Taryn says all her predictions so far on who will be voted off have rung true.

Jack asks if she has used the nickname TNT for a long time,. Taryn says its her initials and she has used it her whole life, and would like to use it in wrestling because it personifies her personality. OIB asks if her parents were AC/DC fans, Taryn says that is her song.

Fan Kalian calls in and mentions Taryn?s myspace http://www.myspace.com/tnt1228 and asks if she has any friends on the Diva Search, Taryn says they can?t be close friends right now. Taryn says there was some drama between her and J. Kim but for the most part it has been friendly.

Barbie asks if Taryn is looking forward to getting into the ring as a wrestler. Taryn says absolutely and she thinks she has all the attributes to be a diva and a wrestler. Taryn talks about watching Beth Phoenix vs. Candice Michelle at Unforgiven, and the match made her want the belt so bad. Taryn has started training with an MMA fighter from Elite XC to be ready to wrestle.

Jack asks if Taryn doesn?t win will she pursue a career in wrestling, Taryn says she has the passion now and would be willing to go to OVW and train more.

Taryn says she has always been into male dominated sports such as scuba, cheerleading and power lifting. She says she has brought her A game to all the competitions.

Jack asks if she was honored to be one of the final 8. Taryn says she was the last one picked and it was such an honor to get that first step into the WWE.

Alicia calls in and asks what motivated Taryn to be a Diva. Taryn says she has the diva spirit and is dedicated. She says seeing the belt motivates her, and wants toe be part of the WWE family. Mickie James and Victoria are 2 divas that really motivate her.

Jack asks if Taryn has thought about being a baby face or heel. Taryn says it isn?t totally up to her but she is more of a baby face.
Taryn says she would use her limbo skills in the WWE ring. People don?t realize how much strength it takes. Jack mentions her big split she did when she won.

OIB asks a questions from Trevor, if she had a million dollars what would she do with it. Taryn would like to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, a disease her sister has. For more information on how you can help find a cure please visit http://www.cff.org/

Jack asks what makes Taryn different than the other Diva Finalists. Taryn says she is spunky, and they all want to win but the reason she wants to win is because she wants to be part of the WWE family and eventually women?s champion.

Taryn says a diva has to be a total package of athletics, looks, glamorous, drive and you have to have fun. Taryn says you have to be able to talk on the microphone too.

Caller Swax asks if Taryn was selected to be the winner if she should go right to TV or to school to learn to wrestle. Taryn says she is starting on wrestling training now so she has a background.

Ariana calls in, and Taryn and Jack wish her a happy birthday. She asks Taryn what roster she would want to be on. Taryn says RAW then Smackdown then ECW. Taryn says RAW is special for being live.

Taryn says her family is very supportive of her goals of wanting to be a professional wrestler. Taryn says she has always been into sports so they are used to her possibly getting injured.

Jack asks if she is nervous to be in front of a WWE crowd. Taryn says she has competed in front of live crowds for power lifting and other sports and she liked the rush of the live crowd.

OIB asks Taryn what she finds sexy. She thinks manly men are sexy, strong muscular women are sexy, dinner on a beach with raspberries is very sexy. Jack asks if making banners with photoshop is sexy.

Taryn says Cyber Sunday will be the finals of the Diva Search. She?s pratying she will be there, she was at Unforgiven and RAW the next night and it made her want to be on the show so bad.

Taryn thanks all her fans who are helping her reach the goal by voting for her.

Jack asks her if women?s wrestling gets enough credit in the USA. Taryn says women are beginning to get more credit the more seriously they take it. When they show they are in WWE to be wrestlers not dancers. Taryn says the last few years the divas have brought more respect to women?s wrestling. She mentioned Candice, Mickie James and Trish Stratus.

Caller the Flea calls in and wishes Taryn luck and asks who her all time favorite women?s wrestler. Taryn says right now Mickie James and Victoria for all time it is Trish Stratus. She worked hard to improve her skills. Taryn mentions jumping on a trampoline at the Playboy Mansion with Chyna.

Tibbet calls in and asks if Taryn is close friends with any of the divas. Taryn says they are all good girls but they can?t be friends because it is a competition. She also asks Taryn if she is a long time wrestling fan. Taryn says she was and talks about watching Shawn Michaels win the title from Bret Hart and that making her a fan, now she is addicted.

Taryn thanks all her fans and appreciates them so much. She asks everyone to send her a message on her myspace, she replies personally to each one.


You can listen to the full-length interview at http://www.inyourheadonline.com and new live episodes at our new time Tuesdays at 7e/10c PM including this week with ?The man who brought ROH to PPV? Ken Gelman and coming soon Percy Pringle III aka Paul Bearer and Chris Jericho. Plus FREE Rey Mysterio masks all October long.

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