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Interview Recap - Jessica Hatch

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 17:41, Oct 01 2007

By Neal Jones

IYH WWE Diva Search Finalist Jessica Hatch Interview Recap
by Neal Jones

Jessica Hatch, WWE Diva Search Finalist, was the guest on the September 27th edition of the In Your Head Wrestling Online show, hosted by Jack, One Inch Biceps and Barbie Richards at http://www.inyourheadonline.com

To vote for Jessica go to http://www.wwe.com/divasearch or text Jessica to 44993

Jessica will be at WCWA Rulz: Dream Reunion 2 on October 6 in Kokomo, Indiana, also featuring the Rock And Roll Express, Jerry Lawler, the Midnight Express, Virgil and the Nasty Boys ( http://www.wcwarulz.com or http://www.dreamreunion.com ).

For more information on Jessica Hatch please visit http://www.jesshatch.com or http://www.myspace.com/jessdhatch

Jessica was welcomed to the show. She talks about the casting call in Houston that led her to the Diva Search which included interviews and putting them on Camera. The top 8 was chosen out of the top 50.

Jessica talks about her athletic background and wanting to pursue an in ring wrestling career. Jessica says she can run circles around the other girls. She says if a girl is ?on the juice? and bigger than her she can run around them. She believes she?s the best athlete of them all.

Jessica talks about her little rivalry with J. Kim stemming from the Blondes beating the Brunettes in the volley ball game. They had animosity in the limbo contest as well. Jessica says J. Kim is a hater and sees Jessica as her biggest competition.

Caller Brian Jones asks how host OneInchBiceps is doing, then asks about possible upcoming events in the Diva Search competition.

Caller Chris asks what females Jessica looks up to. Jessica says Torrie Wilson has been a long time favorite of hers, she followed her since her fitness days.

Jack asks if she has thought of any on air gimmicks for herself. Jessica said she has some ideas but wants to keep them a surprise. She has ideas for both a heel and a baby face role for herself. Jessica doesn?t want to give the other girls any ideas.

Jessica says her caring about the fans make herself different than the other girls. She talks to her fans on myspace and gives autographed pictures when fans request them. She?s really amazed by all the people who have reached out to her. Her athleticism also separates her.

Jack asks if she will be nervous being in front of the live wrestling crowd since the Diva competitions have been online. She says she will be good nervous, she says when they are down to the last 3 it will be on TV.

Barbie asks a question from fan Trevor, what is something that fans would find funny if they found out about her. Jessica says she is very silly and can quote ?Anchorman?. She goes on to do the ?I?m kind of a big deal? quote and the ?pattern on the pants? quote to explain his arousal. Jack mentions he also is right now talking to Jessica.

Jennifer calls in and wishes Jessica good luck. They are old friends and Jennifer?s fianc? was listening to the show and heard her on. Jack asks if Jessica?s other friends and damily are as supportive of her. Jessica says yes, her dad is a big wrestling fan.

Jack asks if Jessica doesn?t win will she still pursue a WWE career. Jessica says she has a passion for it now and will definitely pursue it, she says to keep it positive.

Barbies asks another question from fan Trevor, where would the Diva Search rank in her life experiences. Jessica says she has done golden glove boxing, swimming and other athletics but this has been the most amazing thing she has encountered in her 25 years.

Jessica jokes with IYH to make sure they promote her over former guest J. Kim. She thanks all her fans and hopes to see them all at the arenas.

Jack asks one last question, if the blondes and the brunettes have a rivalry. Jessica says they try to promote it that way on WWE. Jessica again thanks her fans and the IYH crew for having her on.

You can listen to the full-length interview along with One Warrior Nation at http://www.inyourheadonline.com and new episodes at our new time Tuesdays at 7e/10c PM including this week with WWE Diva Search Finalist Taryn Terrell and coming soon Percy Pringle III aka Paul Bearer and Chris Jericho.

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