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Hall Of Fame 2007 - Xtremefalls43

Posted in IYH Fan Hall Of Fame by Jack at 05:08, Sep 19 2007

The 3rd inductee into the Hall of Fame Class of 2007 is Xtremefalls43.

One of the staples of the IYH message board is the man known as XT. The winner of the Message Board MVP in the 2006 Heady's proves his importance and dedication to the IYH community. It can be said he is the most active member of the wrestling sections on the IYH message board, bringing in news that we often use and discuss on the live show. As well as voicing his opinions.

XT is not without controversy. As he can be very opinionated and fed up with what he considers "idiots", "marks", or posters he feels are using IYH for their own personal gain. This has also brought XT Feud of the Year in the 2005 and 2006 Headys. His flame wars with several members of the community are legendary.

XT's love of IYH can not be questioned. An avid listener of the show, active board member, sometimes caller and also a columnist for the IYH site. Which can be read in the Xtremeview section of the website.

Love him or hate him, you can't deny he is a vital member of the IYH community. For his loyality as a fan of the show we welcome Xtremefalls43 to the IYH Fan Hall of Fame Class of 2007.

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