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Hall Of Fame 2007 - Buck

Posted in IYH Fan Hall Of Fame by Jack at 05:50, Sep 14 2007

Buck Winchester as part of the Class of 2007 has been inducted into the IYH Fan Hall of Fame.

A long time fan of the show, Buck made his debut with a bang taking home the first ever Rookie of the Year trophy in 2005. A member of such memorable message board groups like Team Straight Pimpin, Buck's Bonanza and Wally Corp, Buck has a strong alliance with fellow hall of famer The Flea. Through out the years we have seen Buck grow as a man and as an IYH fan. Not long after winning the ROTY, Buck went on to co-host a special Wrestlemania Edition of IYH. Buck has won many Heady Awards, as well being the model for the ROTY trophy in the 2006 Headys. Buck is not without his share of controversy, as he had at many times quit the IYH message board, only to come back stronger than ever each time. We here at IYH would like to thank Buck for his years of support, and honor him with yet another achievement here at IYH. We hope to see Buck continued success in the years to come.

Your first entry into the Class of 2007 IYH Fan Hall of Fame...Buck Winchester.

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