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Highs and Lows of Smackdown

Posted in In My Head by Tyler at 00:02, Aug 22 2005

by The Blue Blood


Booker T and Sharmell vs. Joey Mercury and Melina: A pretty good match. Booker T and Joey Mercury did most of the work so it help it a bit. Melina is hot as usual and Jillian Hall that mole gimmick is really bad. But is doesn't bug me much. I?m not usually staring at her mole I?m staring a those guns of hers . Anyway I have no clue if Sharmell is a trained wrestler but she looked okay in the ring today too.

Christians Peep Show: I know I am in the minority in it. But I enjoyed the peep show. It really put over the fact that the Mexicools are taking over and nobody can stop them. All of the Mexicools are good workers show that is a plus. Christian is good enough on the microphone and a good worker he can recover like he has in times in the past. By the way couldn?t the Mexicools have a lamer catchphrase.

Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit: A very good match as you expect in Chris Benoit match. Except for the ones with Kane maybe. Where is Kane ? He hasn?t been on tv for weeks. But anyway it gave Randy the win he needed to go in to Summerslam.


Rey Mysterio vs. Simon Dean: It was okay for a squash. If they gave more time it would of been better. Simon Dean is now a certified jobber now. He should be happy that he appeared on Smackdown. In stead of the future matches where he squashed by someone on Velocity.

Randy Orton and Undertaker feud: Taker did the same old thing he usually does. The good thing is he actually appeared at the show. Orton needs to win at Summerslam. Especially since he is going to be challenging for the world title in upcoming months.


Booker T and Sharmell break up: I can?t believe that there starting to do the break up already. Couldn?t they waited at least a couple of more months. Also Sharmell as a heel who are they going to pair her up with ?

Chris Benoit and Orlando Jordan Feud: Can you even call it a feud. There was barley any build up. I can?t believe that Chris Benoit is stuck in a feud for the U.S. Title with crappy wrestler like Orlando Jordan. When Chris Benoit wins the U.S. Title at Sumerslam it will elevate the title from crappy place where it is. I haven?t seen the match at the bash so I can?t judge on that. But Benoit carry anybody through a good match so it will be good.

JBL vs. Funaki: What is was the point of having this match. So JBL can squash someone for the fun of it. I was also really pissed that they didn?t even finish the match before Batista made that run in.

Road Warrior Animal and Heidenreich vs. Two Jobbers: Just a other boring squash that makes no sense like I said before if can?t go longer matches take the title off them.

Road Warrior Animal and Heidenreich the New LOD: I just don?t like this idea in the first place. Hawk died not so long ago and putting a other member in there is just wrong. Then to top it off its Heidenreich. He is garbage in the ring and has bad mike skills. The only reason he is over is because he is a comedy face guy with a weird march.

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio Feud: Why don?t they just put Dominic on a pole. That is what its coming down too. The promos are so horribly scripted that even Eddie Guerrero can make them bad. At least the match will be good in less the WWE can find away to screw that up. I?m hoping Rey wins so this feud can conclude.

I give the addition of Smackdown a thumbs down. Thank You for reading.

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