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Interview Recap - Ricky Morton

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 08:17, Aug 14 2005

by Barbie Richards

Ricky Morton was this weeks first guest on In Your Head at www.inyourheadonline.com. Ricky was welcomed to the show as 'one of the all-time greatest sellers in the business' as he joined us to promote the upcoming NWA Legends Fanfest.

Ricky mentions his participation in a training camp recently and other fanfests he's participated in. Ricky will be appearing on the 20th for a 3 hour autograph signing before teaming with Robert Gibson to take on Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey the original Midnight Express to reprise their famous fued from the 80's.

Ricky talks about the great tag teams of his era and what made them all greats. He then talks about what made the Rock n' Rolls Vs. The Midnights so hot.

Ricky talks about the fans flying in from all over the world to attend these fanfests and how much he enjoys going back to where it all started in Charlotte , North Carolina.

Jack asks if the decline in tag wrestling has alot to do with people craving their own spots and Ricky explains the difference between the mentality these days to the 'old school' mentality he and others try
to keep alive.

Ricky explains why he doesn't watch the wrestling product anymore and the important if subtle differences. Followed by his opinion of why getting a wrestling product on TV will be difficult.

Ricky talks about the problems in filling the creative/booking team with people who never drew money in the business or even competed in it. Highlighting that booking for yourself will kill a promotion. Then segues into the way to build a company from a 25 person drawing indy fed into a 1,000 person drawing indy fed and beyond followed by the reasons why he wouldn't last working for Vince and the WWE.

Ricky offers a theoretical situation based on selling out the Memphis territory and the Crockett territory every show they did , then wondered how WWE would fare running the same towns every two weeks ? Ricky then offers to help Vince by putting butts in the seats or at least firing the people who stop the fans coming.

The discussion turns to the politics in large locker-rooms and how management SHOULD act compared to how they do.

Ricky offers a laundry list of his injuries and explains why he has them and how he's enjoying training an upcoming babyface who will blow people away before he's done. Ricky then explains why he was such an effective babyface in his time.

Ricky then asks what he has to do to top the highflyers in the opening match during his main event , wondering if driving a tank to the ring would help him out ?

Ricky tells the hosts that he's 50 years old , smokes two packs a day and could still go 60 minutes with Flair or Lawler tomorrow because he knows how to work. Then Ricky mentions he would wrestle 60 minute matches with Ric Flair 17 times in a row , Monday through Friday , twice on Saturday and Twice on Sunday. He never went out there for 3 minutes and pointed at his ears.

Ricky then thanks the hosts for letting him talk about wrestling for a while and how much he enjoys it before he says goodbye to spend some time at the beach with his wife.

Ricky will be appearing at the NWA Legends fanfest , more information is available at www.nwalegends.com and check out www.inyourheadonline.com for interviews with Stan Hansen and Ox Baker who will also be appearing at the fanfest.

The IYH crew were also joined by IYH regular CasinoMan to discuss a few topics including the upcoming WWE DVDs. As well as IYH fans Walkman and ChuckW to join the heated "Why is Hulk Hogan great ?" debate with Hogan-Hater and IYH co-host , BarbedWire that quickly turns into an all out Ric Flair love session.

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