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egressing. Can I try to a

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18:38, Sep 24 2019

Every Sunday, I love reading books and I often go to the bookstore to read books. On this day, I went to the bookstore to read. In an inconspicuous corner, a book is in my eyes. This is a book wrapped in a pink book cover. There are several striking characters on the cover - "Education of Love", its The background is a touching painting: a sick mother is sitting on the bed weakly, her son is feeding her medicine, and her mother's face is smiling sweetly. Although the medicine is very bitter, the mother's heart is definitely sweeter than eating honey. I skimmed one or two articles and was very moved. I bought this book and told stories about love Carton Of Cigarettes. The protagonist is Anlik, he is a good boy of great civilization. I also met a lot of lovely children Newport Cigarettes Coupons, Karon, De Rossi, who is good at learning, the industrious generation, the lovely Polecosi... They gave the most deep friendship of Amico. Of course, there are parents who love him, respectable teachers Marlboro Red, who gave Angelico the most unselfish love. There are many touching stories in the book, such as "The Poor", "Little Stonemason", "Gratefulness" and so on. Among them, the article "The Poor" is deeply loved by me. My father��s remarks about Anlico made me deeply inspired. He said: ��When you are unfortunate, others help you, but when others have difficulties, you should extend your helping hand to help others. Would you like to see a child who is as lively and lovely as you are struggling to eat and drink? How chilling it is!" Yes, when I am in trouble, when I am troubled, I can always get from others. Care, perhaps a parent, maybe a teacher, maybe a classmate, maybe a passer-by who has never met... With their help, on the way to growth, I can have colorful sunshine and golden dreams. However, while enjoying happiness, I rarely think of doing something for others. From TV and newspapers, I know that in some poor mountain areas of our country, there are still many children who only eat one meal a day. They have to go far and far to go to school. Extracurricular books are a luxury for them... After reading my father's words, I thought: What can I do for them? There is a classmate in our class called Liao Kaijun, who is a very naughty child. His father and mother went to work in the field, rarely went home. He missed them very much. His academic performance was regressing. Can I try to approach him and encourage him with warm words? I have given myself a lot of small question marks in my heart. Love is selfless. Everyone can give their own love, perhaps our power is negligible, but perhaps it is this little light that can bring warmth and confidence to others, and even change one's life. This is what I felt after reading the book "Love Education". I want to recommend this book to everyone, let more people light up the lights of the soul, and illuminate every corner of the world with selfless love!
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