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tion. There are often

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00:20, Aug 27 2019

Shanghai's utility poles are never just responsible for placing high-voltage power lines at high altitudes Marlboro Red. It seems that there is nothing posted on it, it is not a pole. When I was young, I liked to watch the wanted orders on the poles. It is not entirely true to say that it is love. Because the courage is small, and the people in the photo on the night are all born to be a criminal's face mokingusacigarettes.com, fierce and evil, thick and big-eyed, the murderousness in both eyes often makes me shudder. Of course, this is a long time ago. The criminals nowadays basically do not have such a bandit face. Instead, they are the faces of a group of scholars. It is really clear that China is becoming more and more "civilized". The general wanted order is a photo and a paragraph. I didn't know how to read at first, I only looked at the picture, so I always walked away from the telephone pole, afraid of being contaminated by the suffocation in the photo. Later, after reading a few books and knowing a few words, the text gradually became understandable. What kind of murder and arson is less easy to remember, like robbing revenge, it is not very understandable. At that time, "the footsteps of the spring girl" was not clear, and the "killing the goods" was clear. Of course, the wanted order will always be a little bounty. According to the paper, it is "a reward for assisting the police to arrest." If you want to say this, you will not assist the police when you encounter a wanted criminal. You caught the wanted criminal, the police took it, this is called assistance, and he still assists you. As for whether you have been smashed a few knives or smashed a few punches, you can only count on a heroic sacrifice. The number of bonuses is usually not small, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000. At that time, I saw 10,000 enough new tides for a long time, and made me stare at the murderousness and looked at the photos several times. I remembered in my heart, maybe I would walk around him when I met that day. Money is important. Later, this law and order in Shanghai became better. There were fewer things to kill and let people put fire. The wanted orders on the telephone poles were less. Besides, the prisoners were also smart. Whoever was in Shanghai was still wandering around and had already escaped. Going, so this post is not very useful. Even if there is, there is no need to "popularize", and sticking one in the small window in the street is enough. But the pole is still there, and it��s always unpleasant to not stick something on it. So people began to put together the revelation and the revelation. There are often old people who don��t come back when they are wandering outside, or they are lost when they run and run. Some people are anxious to publish tracing revelations in various newspapers. It turns out that it is useless Carton Of Cigarettes. The column of the search for people is placed
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