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20:24, Feb 24 2019

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VOIP- enhancing communication and reducing costs

Posted by Ainsleyaiken on May 8th Ronnie Harrison Rush Jersey , 2017

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Islamist party activists on Sunday clashed with Pakistani security forces for a second day outside the capital Telvin Smith Rush Jersey , Islamabad, burning vehicles before withdrawing into an uneasy stand-off at a protest camp they have occupied for two weeks, police said.

Despite orders from the civilian government to the army on Saturday night to help restore order Blake Bortles Rush Jersey , no troops were at the scene around the protest camp in Faizabad, on the outskirts of the capital, witnesses said.

The military's press department did not respond to queries about the government's order.

According to media reports at least six people were killed on the previous day A.J. Bouye Rush Jersey , when several thousand police and paramilitary forces tried to disperse the religious hard-liners, who have blocked the main route into the capital demanding that the law minister be fired for committing blasphemy.

At least 150 people were wounded in Saturday's clashes, hospitals reported Myles Jack Rush Jersey , and police superintendent Amir Niazi said 80 members of the security forces were among those casualties. Reuters could not confirm that there had been any deaths.

Throughout Sunday, baton-armed supporters of the Tehreek-e-Labaik party blocked several main highways, roads and arteries in major Pakistani cities Leonard Fournette Rush Jersey , paralyzing traffic and daily life for residents.

"We have orders just to contain them," Islamabad's Assistant City Police Commissioner Mohammad Ali said.

Smoke billowed from the charred remains of a car and three motorcycles burned that morning near the Faizabad protest camp, where several thousand Tehreek-e-Labaik activists have gathered in defiance of the government.

After the early morning clashes Jalen Ramsey Rush Jersey , the area settled into an uneasy stand-off. The paramilitary Rangers force - which had held back from Saturday's confrontation - was in charge of Sunday's operations, officers said.

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