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20:14, Feb 24 2019

by Saud Abu Ramadan

GAZA Lamar Jackson Shirt , March 20 (Xinhua) -- For Bilal Abbas, the 12-year-old boy from Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza Strip, football is like food, water and air.

He spends all his weekdays training and playing football either at school or at the training center which belongs to al-Hilal Sports Club in Gaza city.

Everyday in his humble house in the refugee camp, Bilal puts on his football T-shirt and shorts, ties the lace of his football boots, picks up his ball and goes on foot to the football school.

When Abbas touches the ball Jaleel Scott Jersey , even in the streets, it looks like the ball is glued on both of his feet. When he plays and trains, he feels himself a real football player, like Real Madrid captain Christiano Ronaldo. He even keeps Ronaldo's T-shirt and the logo of Real Madrid on his bed. For him, football is running into his blood.

"I like to play football because I love it so much. I dream of becoming an international football star and play with the famous Spanish football team of Real Madrid," said the brilliant boy, who began to play football since he was seven years old.

His father Mohamed Abbas Kenny Young Jersey , who teaches history at al-Quds Opened University in Gaza city, said he discovered the talent of his son when he was seven years old, adding "I was amazed how brilliant the boy is. I immediately took him to the school of football and introduced him to his coach."

Eyad Sisalem, director of the Gaza school of football and the boy's coach, said Bilal is an amazing football player. "Since the football school was started in Gaza, I have been training thousands of children and teenagers, and I have never met or seen a player like Bilal. He is simply very well-talented Anthony Averett Jersey ," said the coach.

"I hope when the football leaders in the world see Bilal, they can help us send him to an international club for more training. I'm certain if football experts see him, they will be amazed and will immediately decide to work hard to train him until he becomes professional," said Sisalem.

During the 50-day Israeli military operation last summer, Bilal was so scared that he might be killed or wounded. What he saw everyday were women and children killed during the conflict.

"I wasn't able to go for training for more than 50 days because of the war on Gaza and also because the playground I used to go and play football was bombarded and badly destroyed," said the boy. He hopes one day he can carry a message of peace to the world through football.

In spite of poverty, high rates of unemployment Orlando Brown Jr. Jersey , a tight Israeli blockade and the closure of the crossing points, the Gaza Strip has well-talented artists, musicians, and football players among its 1.8 million population.

"Wherever there is suffering and poverty, there are well-talented people," said Sisalem, watching the boy scoring goals while his colleagues and friend were cheering up. "Look at him Maxx Williams Jersey , how he runs, how he catches the ball and how he scores goals. I'm sure one day he will be professional player," he said proudly.

Badder Abu Sakran, another 12-year-old boy said he likes to play football with Bilal. "We are friends and we play football together everyday. All what I can say is that he is so brilliant and much better than me or other friends. I'm so happy for him and I hope one day he will become a famous player."

The boy's father said that his son is not only talented in football but also brilliant in his class at school. "There are many talents in the Gaza Strip, and they look like a buried treasure that our associations and NGOs should dig for and discover," he said.

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