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00:35, Oct 19 2018

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Kickboxing – This form originated in japan during 1960’s and it is practiced as a contact sport. Kickboxing is mostly practiced for self-defense and general fitness purpose. Karate – This is one of the most popular martial art forms and it originated in Okinawa, Japan. This martial art form involves moves punching, kicking, knee strikes Davis Webb Giants Jersey , and elbow strikes. Wing Chun – This Chinese martial art form is basically used for self-defense purpose and it involves grappling as well as striking techniques. Close-range combat is another speciality of this martial art form. Mixed Martial Arts or MMA - This martial art form involves both striking and grappling techniques and is a full-contact combat sport. Jiu-Jitsu – This combat sport involves intense grappling and it originated in Brazil. Aikido – This Japanese martial art form is quite powerful and it involves entering and turning movements.

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