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How to get the cheapest flight according to experts?


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02:08, Aug 27 2018

How to get the cheapest flight according to experts?

Jack Sheldon is the 29-year-old behind-the-scenes head of the Jack Flight Club, https://hk.ch.com/" class="TyTxtSmlC">飛機票查詢 a newsletter that sent an astonishing number of British and Irish flights to 89,000 of his subscribers.

The Texan moved to London six years ago and soon established a reputation among his friends because he always found the cheapest fare. He decided to share his skills by launching his service, which scanned last September's best discounts, hidden quotations and wrong fares. Of course, he wasn't the first person to do that --- like Scott's cheap flights, but Sheldon's strength was that his deals came from Britain and Ireland. I always liked traveling and found that you could always find a cheap place or find cheap food. Flights always cost you the most, "he told the independent. No more - his personal best is an 18 pound round trip fare from London to Belize for American Airlines (which, he admits, is very rare).

Want to match that opportunity? Sheldon shared the latest recommendations on how to get the lowest cost flights. "The main mistake people make when booking flights is to go directly to the airline website. Although booking directly makes things easier, if you need to change your travel plan, the cheapest fares are often found with a variety of online travel agencies.

"Google Flights is a great resource, and by setting a warning, you can track flight prices across the board." Other major mistakes include booking too late or too early (depending on season, route, etc.) and sticking to certain airlines. Not spending enough time checking is also a mistake - it's really not anyone's fault, because most people don't have time, but it does require a lot of checking specific routes to know when to book.

"Tickets can be very, very low, even during the summer or Christmas season, if the time is right." For summer, it is best to buy it in January or February, or wait until June. Summer is the best time to start looking for a contract for a Christmas trip, although it lasts until November.

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