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00:13, May 31 2018

A bedroom certainly isn't the most ideal place to get a great cardio workout! There are many reasons why it might be a good idea. You might live in a studio apartment so a bedroom is your one and only room. You might be a student in halls of residence. Whatever your situation DaMarcus Beasley USA Jersey , working out in your bedroom is possible as long as you don't disturb other people in the home or building and you don't live in an old property where you might damage the floorboards.

Why Work Out In Your Bedroom?

Studies show that if you want to burn body fat, you should exercise first thing when you wake up before you eat anything. Blood-sugar levels are at their lowest as you haven't eaten anything for hours and your body is more likely to dip into fat reserves to get you through the workout. Going outside is a great idea, but it might not be possible in bad weather. Going to a gym is fine if you have the time but most people don't. Working out in your bedroom, you don't even need to wear clothes - there are literally no excuses and no barriers to stop you from exercising.

Do You Have Room To Skip?

Most people's bedroom ceilings are simply too low to allow you to skip, if you can then you are lucky! Jumping rope is a cheap Clint Dempsey USA Jersey , no-maintenance way to burn serious calories. You just need a thick foam mat to lessen the impact on your knee joins and you're away. 15 minutes of skipping in the morning is equivalents to a lot longer on a stationary bike, a stepper or a treadmill. Start by trying to do 140 jumps without a miss, then rest. Build up from here until you can jump for longer periods and then work in other moves like alternate steps. The shorter your workout is, the more likely you are to stick with it - no excuses!

Into Aerobics?

If you don't have room to skip, don't worry! Use the same mat and you can do a range of other great cardio exercises such as jumping jacks (star jumps) Christian Pulisic USA Jersey , squat thrusts and squats. It's even better if you use a cardio workout video for motivation; you don't even need a TV, you can use a laptop or tablet to watch the programs on.

Stationary Bikes

Few people have the space for a stationary bike in their bedroom. These take up a fair bit of room, they don't look nice and they are nothing like actually cycling! You can buy fold-up bikes that save space but these have the cheapest mechanisms (usually tension adjusted) and you'll be bored pretty easily. If you want a semi-realistic movement you'll need a higher-end bike with magnetic resistance. These never fold up due to the size of the mechanism but would be a good idea if you have the space for them. Skipping will get you in shape a lot faster.


If you have just 17" x 45" of space to workout in, a fold-down treadmill might be a solution. They collapse to a height of just 25cm so you can easily store them under some beds or up against the wall between some wardrobes. Unlike skipping, having to set up the treadmill before each workout is one small barrier that you have to deal with. Non-powered treadmills are quite disappointing but the great news is that these days you can find fold-down treadmills with smooth Chris Wondolowski USA Jersey , quiet motors that give you at least a 6mph speed. This is enough for light jogging. Treadmills will be easier on your knee joints than skipping.
the 'Utopia' which might cause endless disasters to humankind."

  RIZAL PROVINCE, April 8, 2016 (Xinhua) -- Soldiers from the U.S. Army National Guards rappel during the Urban Search and Rescue activity of the 2016 RP-US Balikatan joint military exercises in Camp Capinpin in Rizal Province, the Philippines, April 8, 2016. The activity aims to improve the disaster response capabilities between the U.S. Army and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Balikatan 2016 focuses on scenario-based combined action planning in defense, disaster relief, civic assistance and tactical-level field training. About 3,700 Philippine soldiers and 5,000 U.S. military personnel are participating in the 11-day Balikatan, or shoulder-to-shoulder military exercises that started on Monday. (XinhuaRouelle Umali)

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