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nucleus of prejudication

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20:34, Dec 26 2016

On June 28, group of examine and verify is held in Xie Ji first the conference, consulted relevant technology data and archives, visited division forestry, irrigation works the branch does with concerned villages and towns, the zoology such as protection of natural resources of the silvan management to my area,outdoor furniture made from composite material water builds a circumstance to have thorough knowledge, inspected raw material of industry of timber of foliaceous part beauty to purchase on the spot, the branch such as sale of treatment production,

product and financial management, mastered first-hand data. On June 29, group of examine and verify mixes 3 yuan to press down agency of village of double pond of composite wood product in malaysia countryside of 3 yuan of community, Sun Gang, smooth hillock to field of state-owned Lou Lin seeing a flower early or late and other places of village of Fu Gang village, peace village,

5 lis of bridges, spot evaluation and nucleus of prejudication of on-the-spot textual research are not accorded with rectify and reform dog reach afforestation, cradle, cut,composite material supplier forest of value of fire prevention, healthy safety, high protection is monitored, key fountainhead ground, mix with worker of forestry centre cadre village (company) the interest related side such as chief, farmer undertook in-depth interview, seek their opinion.

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