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model of the floor

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23:30, Nov 23 2016

But in recent years, with the rapid expansion of home stores, more and more flooring brands feel that they are "being expanded." To create a healthy profit model of the floor of the floor of the industry talked about making money is not the most concerned about this issue, it is admitted that: the chain stores backyard decks flooring with tongue and groove "to Liu Chengying, two into flat, two losses, it is already quite high Of the profit rate. "- do not want to fall on the basis of this, then fall, the company will eventually escape.

According to its analysis, large-scale stores on the one hand to capital operation as a means to strengthen the value of commercial real estate, on the other hand will be slightly advantage of the brand enterprises together, which integrated market, which is the general trend. But the flooring business also has its own aspirations: beautiful parks deck benches sale First, a space for the flooring business, the floor can not be manufacturers as a mall fill tool; the second is to strengthen business investment and operational norms, professional people to do professional things;

third is for commercial real estate value- Purpose and large volume restrictions, most shopping malls in the suburbs, fewer tourists, which requires strengthening of marketing and how to put up pvc exterior cladding business support for follow-up. Flooring business has become a commercial real estate value-added tool, but should not be a victim. Flooring companies need to chain stores on the big platform competition.

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