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suitable for solid wood flooring

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02:20, Nov 23 2016

"Zu president said," Liaoning small-scale enterprises, resulting in a family-style management, poor innovation, strength is not enough, so a single brand out of power is weak.bamboo fence singapore "And the elephant, Macro-resistant and other large enterprises from the size and concept in terms of both strength to come up with large-scale booths for model performances, and can employ Michelle Reis, Rosamund Kwan, Athena and other film stars as the image of the ambassador exhibition venue.

Therefore, the brand image is necessary to establish.In April this year, the consumption tax for solid wood flooring collection, the floor prices have been slightly up.easy link tiles design Since November, the price of solid wood flooring to rise further. Individual brands of solid wood flooring prices per square meter last month rose by 30 to 50 yuan.

"Solid wood flooring prices rose an average of 30% year on year, some timber traders took the opportunity to drive up prices, individual scarcity of timber prices rose up to 70%."composite sheet goods building material Dalian, a square home store floor, responsible person. The source said that China's production of wood flooring logs 80% rely on imports. At the same time, suitable for solid wood flooring raw material growth cycle is generally slow, difficult to keep up with the growth rate of harvesting needs,

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