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center for flooring

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03:00, Oct 28 2016

Behind this hidden behind what kind of reasons, on the floor material sales pattern will have what effect? With these questions, I recently visited the country's 12x14 back porch cost largest distribution center for flooring materials, Häfele floor material distribution center. At present, the market floor management pattern by origin classification is divided into: South American flooring, Russian flooring, African flooring, estimated cost for vinyl deck Indonesian flooring.

The past two years the number of South American flooring business operators soared, occupy the majority of the floor market share, while the Indonesian flooring business continues to decrease. The main reasons are: 1, Indonesia's local supply instability, high floor material prices. From the beginning of 2007 the simpli deck tiles wood plastic costco reviews Indonesian government will not allow water board exports, resulting in rising costs, the quality of goods can not guarantee.

For example, the largest amount of the original Indonesian flooring material, the most common species Kompass, dealers began to re-find a new place of origin, the development of new varieties of alternatives, this time in South America, Africa and Russia floor blanks slowly into the market, especially South America As the supply of materials and quality of stability, while several large varieties of timber has been recognized by the market, more and more dealers pvc ceiling boards south africa chose to operate South American flooring, slowly began to dominate the South American flooring market.

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03:40, Feb 10 2017

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