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floor of the wood flooring

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04:58, Oct 26 2016

China Consumer Association on the application of "3.15" logo certification of products, has a strict review procedures and audit standards. So far, the country only Haier, Lenovo and other well-known enterprises more than 30 products through the "3.15" logo certification. European Code is the first floor of the wood flooring industry,low profile composite deck Because 3.15 was exposed, due to exaggerated propaganda and punishment of the EU Code of the floor, the EU Code of the floor is this year's CCTV 3.15 party exposure.

1 month after the business sector finds that the European Code brand owner "Beijing Oude Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.", October 26, CCTV broadcast the EU Code of the floor corrosion-resistant wooden flooring sri lanka of the relevant reports.

The report said that at this year's 3.15 party, the EU Code of the floor because of exaggerated propaganda, misleading consumers were exposed, after the Department of 6 foot high by 8 foot wide fence panel Commerce and Industry imposed a fine of 7.47 million yuan. Since then, the flooring industry has been affected, sales fell sharply, By the State Environmental Protection Administration, the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.


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03:19, Nov 05 2016

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07:57, Mar 06 2018

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