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The floor with the impact

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00:38, Sep 13 2016

I, as a user, my job is overseer to see gum is not all hit, to see the board is not a waste of a good teacher do not worry, it will calculate, try helped save. After the boards are laid, it is necessary on the plastic composite flower box baseboard.
In the lower part of a strong close to the floor of the floor with the impact of drilling a row of holes, knock dowel, the baseboard fitted with nails. Reminded that: Advance must take the vacant position well marked! Currently popular polymer baseboard, compared to traditional MDF baseboard has the following advantages: Colorful, flexible, waterproof, especially for the wall is not very flat composite decking of boat floors floor with polymer on pretty much. But generally polymer skirting additional money is not included in all-inclusive in the price. So if the home is not particularly wet and uneven walls very powerful, the MDF baseboard with the effect is very good. Finally, install the buckle, there are several places: the transition laminate flooring and tiles, marble, wood floors, etc.
Between the metal buckle, using angled buckle according to the level of the ground situation; room door using the metal buckle , it is flat; laminate decks made from wood and resin flooring and cabinets, etc. junction using plastic buckle, the cross-section is a & lt; type. I saw in the jar said buckle is hit on the ground, but my family is glued buckle, and now with the good.

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