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Stability of solid wood flooring

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18:58, Sep 11 2016

Antique floor will also have a good market, it has now become popular in Europe and America. With the development of science and technology, new technology means the quality will improve and increase the sources of raw materials and wooden waterproof sheeting for decks floors.
Since hardwood can reduce the supply of resources, timber shorter fast-growing wood, softwood through scientific methods used in the process will be a substantial real wood floor. In addition, nanotechnology will also be used extensively for solid wood floor, nanotechnology can make wood modification and surface hardening to improve the stability of solid wood flooring. Three solid wood flooring diversified development trend of the present, China's wood composite outdoor kitchen flooring manufacturers have not much experience in the production of sports venues. The face of the 2008 Olympic business opportunities, the construction of sports venues there must be hundreds of thousands of square meters of the market.
The world's major flooring manufacturers have targeted this market, but the country has not yet standards for sports venues. This requires domestic solid wood pictures of outdoor decorative panels flooring manufacturers must learn to diversify production to meet the needs of modern stadiums.

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