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Reviewing the floor

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23:42, Sep 06 2016

As a mass popular products, general Laminate antistatic plastic beam manufacturers flooring has settled thousands of families, and at pains to remind consumers from shoddy laminate flooring at the same time, we are concerned that the various characteristics of laminate flooring are entering people's vision, such as Montblanc, Acer resistance antibacterial floor and a few jumbo laminate flooring.
And Recently, a hot pursuit in the perception and feel wood effect "real wood" laminate composite decking comparison review flooring to attract a large number of consumers, because it not only wood effect hot pursuit, and still has a wear-resistant, easy care and other "enhanced nature" . Unlike conventional laminate flooring surface smoothing effect, real wood laminate flooring surfaces follow the natural wood texture irregularities, and real wood flooring rely on special technology, so subtle texture grainy texture and fully consistent with, rather than as the embossed surface texture with convex from out of line, therefore, similar to wood effect visual realism emerged. It is understood that real wood faux wood deck fence for sale flooring caused a sensation this year when Germany Pentax exhibited EU Code of enterprises as the exclusive agent in April to synchronize sales with the European market.
Yan Pei Jin Jieshao EU Code of CEOs said that to strengthen the floor to the present, is the need to improve the visual appearance and beautiful visual health is visual, visual health laminate next wood composite floor reviews flooring mainly on the surface craft. For example, there are wood laminate flooring how visual sense, and whether the color clearer, more beautiful, more taste in tone, the overall effect is more coordination.


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03:30, Nov 05 2016

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07:57, Mar 06 2018

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