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experts predict the floor

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23:52, Aug 31 2016

"Heavy wood ants" of 250 yuan per square meter last year rose to 340 yuan. According to experts predict the floor, the floor of the anti-mildew wood plastic composite benefit recent prices will continue to rise.

First, the decoration of the upcoming season, the demand for wood will be greater. A business estimated that next month's prices may easy wood table waterproofing Merbau 230 yuan per square meter; the second is the strength of the flooring business are hoarding goods, in order to respond to higher prices and often out of stock embarrassment.recycled polyethylene extruders india Many businesses that do not increase as long as the imported logs, wood floor in the future is likely to be luxuries.

Links It is reported that the original floor of the main raw material imports by Southeast Asia and Brazil, but now imports plummeted in Southeast Asia, Brazil and imported by a few oligarchs floor control, which determines the floor a sky-rocketing market price.composite wood bathroom After the Southeast Asian timber imports plummeted, China's timber imports has added channels in Africa and Russia.

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