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New floor again and again

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20:30, Feb 25 2016

For a long time, Bunny has been to produce a variety of high-grade floor parquet based, after years of optimization and improvement, the company has advantages of raw materials, technology, technology advantages, product popular in Europe and Australia and other places. July 16, 2009, Edward Group companies Devi floor and Expo officially signed a contract, the successful bid for the Shanghai World Expo will be the main venue dedicated floor 5000 square meters, international hardwood flooring with 25, and the successful bid for the main banquet hall 2100 square meters dedicated floor. In order to promote low-carbon environment, improve the quality of life of consumers, to better meet the diversified and personalized consumer demand, Buzz Bunny "green upgrade" the storm, using pure natural plant gum manufactured parquet successful listing, the first open composite floor "organic era" precedent.

August 18, 2011, 2011 China Top Ten Brands floor nationwide network Award Announced: bunny floor with superior environmental performance, superb product quality,how to build a round fence ultra-high network support rate, successfully won the 2011 China Top Ten Brands floor (wood multilayer) honor. October 12, 2011, after six months, the baby rabbit developed a new simulation technology wood flooring released, has been officially put into operation in bunny floor branch. After pressure paste, sanding, painting, etc.

I stand together processes, simulation technology wood flooring not only has the natural beauty, comfortable, economical and durable, but also more agile in texture and colbest composite decking brand or, bright, cherry, maple black gold sandalwood and other variety of species. At the same time, the product broke through the high impact strength, improve light fastness, simulation technology wood slices technology and other performance indicators, called the domestic first-class. Edward Bunny listed company's flooring division is a professional production of solid wood flooring wood decking repairers poole and bournemouth (parquet Quotes, parquet manufacturers directory) manufacturers, after eight years of efforts in Europe in the field at right angles to the floor a certain reputation, A few years ago also reached a strategic cooperation with the Korean company LG.

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22:22, Oct 28 2016

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07:58, Mar 06 2018

Its number of towers being higher, the gearing https://replicafakewatches.jimdo.com/" class="TyTxtSmlC">Rolex Replica Watches bearings and pivots face less pressure and friction and the performance is improved Replica Tag Heuer RM 055 Bubba Watson is assembled using many screws Spline on the box and in the movement Replica Watches These screws, ensures the release, offer better control of torque during Assembly

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