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dresses.The day ends with

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23:03, Jan 31 2016

ried at everything!We’ve been through so much and some difficult Strapless Wedding Dresses times, so it feels really beautiful to do it now.I was so emotional when I said the vows because I meant every word.Annette added that the day had added significance as they felt 'blessed' to be able to get married like any heterosexual couple and share the same rights.We’ve never demanded that as a couple, but I feel really blessed that we live in a country where we can have that,' she said.Luisa first announced the wedding news on Twitter last month alongside a photograph of a sign which read:'Happily ever after starts here', followed by an arrowShe wrote: 'OMG we did it!We r officially WIFE WIFE!YeoAnnette I'm so excited 2 b spending the rest of my life w u (sic).Annette also took to social media to speak of her excitement at becoming a married woman.BLuisaW thank u for making an honest woman of me at last!it was worth the wait!Swearing on Us Weekly!that they will not split up!PHOTOS: Kaitlyn's suitorsDeclaring himself to be emotionally drained following a string of splits such as Bachelor Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff's recent uncoupling, Kimmel demanded his guests make a solemn pledge, guaranteeing that their relationship was for real, and wouldn't end in another broken engagement.Placing their hands on a stack of Us Weekly magazines, the couple repeated after Kimmel, "We, Kaitlyn and Shawn B.do solemnly swear, that we are in love, that we will get married, or we will at least be together one year from today, because if we're not, this was a huge waste of everyone's time.PHOTOS: Bachelor's biggest splitsOne reason Kimmel is eager to make sure this romance makes its way to the altar is that he's got a rather pretty bridesmaid dress ready to wear, to accompany Bristowe down the aisle!The excited TV host stopped by a wedding dress shop earlier in the week with reality star Bristowe and his buddy Guillermo, to help the Bachelorette star try on some dresses and test out some wedding A-Line Wedding Dresses day looks.PHOTOS: Best celebrity bridesmaidsBut while Bristowe looked pretty stunning in an array of (mostly unattractive!dresses, Kimmel and Guillermo (who decided watching was just too dull) looked questionable in a couple of amazing orange and purple bridesmaid outfits!Thankfully for viewers, Bristowe revealed the real-life members of her wedding party are likely to look slightly more attractive!PHOTOS: Celebrity wedding dress predictions "Oddly enough, the final three, me, Becca and Whitney are like the three best friends that anyone could ever had," Bristowe said when asked if any former Bachelor stars would be invited to her big day.They'll probably be in my wedding party," she added.because why wouldn't you want her at your wedding?Check out Bristowe's wedding looks the hilarious video above and see what happened when Kimmel decided to squeeze himself into her leather leggings!Want stories like these delivered straight to your inbox?Sign up now for the Us Weekly newsletter!A BURGLING drug addict who told his probation officer he was "highly motivated" to change his ways raided a shoe shop two days later, Bradford Crown Court heard.of wedding dresses when he struck again.Hussain, 38, of Grantham Place, Great Horton, Bradford, burgled Anges Shoes in Bradford city centre, getting away with shoes, cash, jewellery and CCTV equipment.and the owner was not insured.Hussain had 13 previous convictions for 25 offences, the court heard.His criminal record included repeated housebreaking, theft by employee and deception.He began his latest run of offending on March 3 when he was arrested for vagrancy in the University of Bradford's Chesham Building.He entered as a trespasser to take heroin and pretended he wanted to use the toilet when challenged.On April 5, Hussain put a rock through the window at Janan Ltd, in Shearbridge Road, and stole the bridal gowns.After America finally found out who Kaitlyn Bristowe chose to be engaged to, she appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!To celebrate the engagement, Kimmel brought Bristowe out to shop for a wedding dress.Kimmel started out the segment by admitting that Sleeved Wedding Dresses fashion is his passion and his sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez was quick to agree.The three of them ventured to West Hollywood to the wedding dress store Lovely Bride.Have you tried on wedding dresses before?asked the sales girl to Bristowe.Kimmel quickly interjected, and strangely no one doubted him.Not too sexy, we don’t want this to be a Kardashian wedding.As Bristowe starts to try on dresses, the boys break out some tequila and shot glasses to get the party started.Eventually Kimmel and Rodriguez get jealous and decide that they want to try on some bridesmaids dresses.The day ends with success when Kimmel, Rodriguez, and Bristowe all leave happy with their dresses.Credit: RogerWong/INFphoto.Is Taylor Swift engaged?A reported romantic, if Taylor is engaged, you can bet there won t be a prenup since a source close to Swift told Hollywood Life that Taylor thinks prenups are totally unromantic.Taylor hates the idea of having a prenup when she gets married.it s like giving up before you even start.When she gets married, she wants it to be forever, no prenup required.million like Taylor Swift, you ll want to protect your assets when you get engaged so Taylor s father might force her to sign one, reports Hollywood Life.to sign one, of course.they ll be fighting her on it.But Taylor is so in love with Calvin that if he asked to get engaged, even though they haven t been together that long, if he asked her tomorrow, she d say yes.She s just so happy with him.Are #Tayvin about to get ENGAGED?MTVMusicUK) July 30, 2015And it just might be the biggest prenup the music industry has seen.million, and he s worth about half that, so we re talking some serious negotiations, a source close to Swift revealed to Life Style magazine.Of course, Taylor and Calvin plan to be together forever, but just because Swift might be getting engaged, doesn t mean she can t be pract

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