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Wood floor price level of missing secret

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01:20, Jan 27 2016

Currently, decking price in india on the market price level of missing, wooden floor price difference of the same species of up to 20 to 30 yuan, the price difference why wood floor will be so big? Wood floor price difference is mainly reflected in the quality of the sheet. In Kempas wood flooring, for example, A-level Kempas wood floor price of 85 yuan to 90 yuan per square meter line, B grade Kempas wood floor price of 60 yuan to 65 yuan per square meter line, C-level Kempas wood flooring The price is 45 yuan to 50 yuan per square meter line, each class price gap reached 25 yuan to 30 yuan and 40 yuan to 45 yuan.

In general, B-class and C-class board board material is poor, there are cracks, Poles, deadwood, knots ones, specifications arrhythmia and many other defects, do floor through fill putty color to cover the weight, but not the line difficult for consumers to know their true colors, but the pavement for some time, will be exposed to a large area of ​​the Ecological composite Wood Materials cracking, bagging, deformation and other quality problems. Wood floor price tricky also lies in the quality of the paint process.

Wood flooring brands, using a water-based primer and imported ceramic wear nano-paint, primer nanometer technology is two times, four times wear paint, wood prices and costs more than 35 yuan per square meter, while those with low Price wood floor, using the middle and low domestic ordinary primer, paint and wear paint, paint quality is significantly lower a grade; and made the process cut corners --- only four times on paint, primer again , two times the ordinary paint, the last time is a thin layer of wear-resistant paint, lacquer finish fullness and the surface was not enough, so that the cost per square meter wooden floor price secretly cut to 20 yuan to 25 yuan line, equal He stole 10 yuan to 15 yuan, quality.

In fact, the cost of wood flooring sales price, the no-name cheap wood prices are actually more expensive than the brand outdoor wall cladding supplier in dubai price! More importantly, low-cost board quality problems and after-sales service problems, consumers will pay several times the cost of time, labor costs and psychological cost!

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