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Cabinet industry into a vicious competition

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01:11, Oct 19 2015

Results imitate each other is the whole industry into a whirlpool of vicious competition, price wars frequently, corporate profit margins shrinking, the overall level of development of the industry is not high, the core competitiveness is not strong, the brand has little influence, only to drop a production capacity of the first "Halo" complacent. Moreover, most of the cabinet industry for small and medium enterprises, research and innovation capability is relatively weak, others are convincing imitation of creating excuses. Looking at the development of the cabinet industry, almost all companies, all have been imitated and simulated experience.

Now, with the emergence of new market conditions and new changes, increasing competition, rising costs, profit margins continue to be compressed, the living environment continue to be challenging, cabinet companies faced with innovation, transformation and upgrading, such as multiple tests, even in the face of survival and Eliminated choice. Enterprises to develop, we must innovate, and the result is likely to lead innovation "imitation" Wolves of the siege. But if not innovation, deluxe arched garden pergola model number enterprise development road must be wider and narrower. Imitation and innovation of the game, between Cunhu one idea, but decided the fate of tomorrow. Companies need to keep the sense of innovation Do not be obsessed imitation is budding sense of innovation, maintaining growth innovative companies is the future cabinet essential qualities and abilities.

Allegedly, a day on a mobile phone in the world to be out of the market, that is, every day there is a cell phone was shelved or frozen frozen. Cabinet companies face imitate the prevailing market environment, do not get discouraged and sink. No matter how others mimicry, always the innovator or innovation, its innovative leadership position will not be surpassed. Do not give up by others mimicry innovation, fear of innovation. The protection of innovation on the one hand, more should still stop to consider what the next innovation. Do not think that there is no mimicry is complete peace and prosperity, rubber tiles for roof terrace we can achieve the transformation and upgrading industry and the rapid development of enterprises. No clean water to fish. The traditional industries in the cabinet, mimicry ills might also survive for many years. Do not think that nothing mimicry of the hate, have a stick and killed. Mimicry innovation based on better enhance the competitiveness of their products on the shoulders of imitation innovation better enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

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