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Flooring will improve environmental chaos

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20:50, Jul 28 2015

It is reported that January 1, 2015 will be the implementation of new environmental laws, and the forthcoming introduction of new environmental laws from the original 47 to the 70, due to the additional "to refuse to correct the sewage enterprises by diary penalty," "to serious offense to take administrative detention "and" the main person in charge of the government in the face of serious consequences for the government's illegal to resign, "etc. , By experts as "the history of the most stringent" environmental law. This "history of the most stringent" of new environmental laws that affect the developmentwood industry in malaysia of the flooring industry, mainly from two aspects to explain: Enhance public participation On the one hand it is to expand the scope of environmental public interest litigation subject, to enhance the participation of the public. According to the Consumers Association statistics, in 2013 received a total of 164 complaints were filed at home, accounting for 49% of total merchandise daily complaints.

Hot on the floor rights, in addition to the floor from the dark, crack and service products and other issues, pungent, formaldehyde and other environmental issues have become activists flooring industry hardest hit. In the new environmental law added "information disclosure and public participation" special chapter, the scope of "public interest litigation subject" further expanded to more districts in the municipal civil affairs departments registered social organization. This precedent-setting move, the flooring industry is bound to make new demands of environmental protection technology, consumer groups may be justified by consumer associations and other organizations to supervise flooring environmentally friendly products. Relevant agencies need to strengthen supervision On the other hand, the modified new environmental law falls on the clear highlight of the various departments, the unit, duties and responsibilities of companies and individuals subject, and stressed that penalties for violations, the EIA mechanism, EM institutions should be jointly and severally liable ???

So, flooring industry in the future will be more stringent environmental protection product certification, a number of irregular relevant certification issued by certification bodies is difficult to keep following companies in the past "to conquer the world by certified" product marketing model or unable to move. The current high consumption of industrial structure no longer meets the requirements of the times, extensive growth pattern nor change is not. arboretum composite materialOnly major flooring companies upgrade transition as soon as possible, consistent development and green economic trends of new technologies, the production of low-carbon products meet consumer demand, in order to embark on long-term development of the road, or can be eliminated.

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