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Flooring companies need to be prepared

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01:28, Jul 21 2015

At present, a second-tier cities flooring consumer market has become saturated, the channel sink become an important direction for future strategic planning of numerous flooring brand, the face of the continuous development of the four-tier cities, part of the floor turned to the enterprise market, Of course, before he moved to market, as well as the ability for the consumer market fundamentals tier of the market, companies need to do a certain understanding. Tier market "fat" bad bite companies need to do a certain understanding "Brand loyalty" four-tier cities for the majority of consumers who have not yet formed the concept decking price for 291 square feetof their brand concept is still progress and maturing, if there would be any impact flooring brands can take this time and even change these consumption makers of the brand and quality of the selection criteria, that it can really be "rooted tier market", will assure the future of the context of the domestic market.

Faced with three or four lines a piece of "fat", flooring companies want to taste, three or four lines to expand the market for the flooring industry is only just a start, many consumers have three or four lines began to pursue a higher standard of living quality, originally adopted in accordance with the "price war" strategy has been unable to meet market demand while not conducive to the floor their own brand image. Nine positive building materials network that, in order to account for a place in the four-tier cities to do the "consumption to consumers and then" de-development.

Tier cities gradually increased spending power of brand concept yet, "molding" Thanks to the popularity of the Internet in China, three or four lines of urban residents they continue to accumulate knowledge and consumption of all kinds of brand experience, a variety of "sun shine" also subtly influence their consumer awareness and choice, which leads to their brand and consumer experience with more, higher expectations, such expectations are showing usa wood composite interior wall claddingan increasing trend. The impact of the Internet in which plays a vital role. Most consumers believe that three or four lines of the brand of choice will affect their judgment of others; big brands in addition to the relative quality of goods is guaranteed beyond its reputation and brand influence also provide consumers with adequate consumer confidence.

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