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For Bonthe manual series

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23:32, May 21 2015

Bonthe floor laminate flooring as a domestic brand leaders and manual series is multiple choice of Chinese noble premises have become a symbol of noble status. Competition in the market continue to be able to win thanks to two basic strategy Bonthe: The first choice is to uphold the quality of high-quality raw materials, adhere to; the second is to continue to create and lead honorable "fashion antique" style of the brand. Two complementary strategy, laid the Bonthe continue ChuangLing strengthen core strengths in the field of the floor by hand. Only selected materials, Bonthe and strive to create a performance of the most stable laminate flooring, and distinguished fashion antique features of life will understated luxury with supreme tastecomposite fencing and posts ukclearly demonstrated, has become an extreme but true expression of a return to lifestyles. Bonthe relief part of special hand-crafted floor and formed a precise texture and color of the wood grain texture abrupt ups and downs, scarring and other wood natural structure reflected together to form a unique decorative effect. Originality to create three-dimensional sense and corrugated uneven waves exhibit unique floor level, so that the visual and tactile, Jiaogan all enjoy its beauty.

Manual Series in Bonthe each body we can not only see the traces of history passing, but also to appreciate the sense of the value of their precious conferred. For Bonthe manual series, every product is a completely different piece of art worth collection tasting, but also because it lays the new investment as home values.The global financial crisis challenging the viability, dips price action the market more competitive We are talking about "winter", who "winter"? Recently, the talk "Shuffle" for more than 10 years the wood floor,synthetic wood plastic flooring materials distributors and finally changed the subject, the focus of discussion from the past who will be washed away into how he "winter" issue. And other manufacturing compared with wood floor market threshold is not high, basically half the production of semi-finished nature, nearly 5000 enterprises enormous capacity, the market is bound to the "glut" of overproduction passive pattern.

Not long ago, a brand, a provincial agent returned and the Yangtze River, there is talk about a sense of sadness, in a concentrated area 800 has a wood floor production enterprises, more than six months for about half closed. "Before the competition so fierce, they did not fall ah!" Those failing to "winter" in the case, composite decking with bordersno doubt greatly stimulated currently preparing "winter" enterprise nervous. However, the industry was also cautiously optimistic that the wood flooring sales in Sichuan province, reconstruction wide, decorative materials demand, as long as get through the first half of next year, the situation might improve. In response to this argument, the views of industry experts almost unanimously, winter was conditional, namely whether a company has the capacity for sustainable development.

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23:55, Jul 26 2015

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20:48, Mar 07 2018

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