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Fall Family Floor attention Baoqian

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18:35, May 21 2015

Autumn, wood by hot and humid climate, there will be retractable. Recently, Wang Wei Engineering Design and Research Institute advised the public, the following aspects should be floor maintenance. Wang Gong said that various types of flooring require constant dust, usually with a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, often trampling place more to be diligent vacuuming. With particular attention to the foyer and walkway leading to the outside. Also in order to prevent dirt from entering the house, can be placed in the entry of the dust pad, or the installation of dust strip at the bottom of the door. In the household cleaning, people always like to use a damp cloth to scrub floors, experience has shown that better than the wet dry rub drag. decking brand comparison CzechSuch as the use of wet mop, mop wrung before use should be better. Too wet mop, when water would seep into the seams, damage the floor, causing the floor of the convex deformation, especially wood floors, plastic flooring and cork tiles.

In addition, to carefully choose the right floor care products, choose water-based floor wax, use only one wax products, the use of mixing different wax products will react, so that the floor sticky dirty. In use, the amount of wax products in moderation, if the coating is too thick, sticking dust on the floor will be easier, but more difficult to polish the floor. To prevent damage to the floor moving goods, experts recommend caution when moving furniture, try to use to lift the way to avoid drag, so as not to scratch the floor; at the same time, to allow floor exudes quality gloss paint,Good sound-absorbing effect composite commercial stairs furniture should preferably be installed at the bottom of the cloth sleeve or shim. However, most of the pavement finished wood flooring families who choose to use cleaning company to do the cleaning. No way, also know Procter & Gamble with a wet mop cleaning method is not good, but easy ah. After only learn to ask for a better way to them. Fifth, wipe with a dry towel This approach belongs to all those who have a soft spot for wood flooring. Most of them are very hard on the floor conservation. Its operating purpose is far from routine cleaning. Specific method is relatively cumbersome, not described in detail here. Sixth, use a vacuum cleaner to clean Because of the vacuum cleaner brush to clean the wood floor in the side seam is difficult to achieve the desired results, long-term use of this method is not many people.

The above method is mainly for cleaning wood floor surface dust. So, if the floor surface with the hard scale, how are we going to clean it? Combining several common hard scale, following a brief: Floor decontamination products for many years accumulation of hard scale (including the hard dirt floor of the groove joints), according to the hard dirt of the case, select with the grinding effect of the implementation of cleaner. Customers should be noted that when the operator action from light to heavy, gradually forced, to avoid unnecessary scratches. As long as the operation carefully,pvc fencing Collocation for yard without causing scratches on the floor surface. Residual wax the floor surface, the domestic production technology is relatively backward wax, domestic wax usually stay on the floor surface phenomenon occurs one to three months of anti-white hair dirty, especially after the clean water, often foggy feeling, feeling never clean it out. Make the floor severely tarnished. In view of this situation, you can choose household wax products for cleaning.

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