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involving different types of products

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02:03, May 21 2015

Studies show that diversification strategy is one of the most important methods of business strategy, which itself has a risk aversion product cycle, to avoid a single competition, etc., but it also has the inevitable harmful, once the operating means out of control, the enterprise has fatal blow. In general, diversification is more research enterprise while operating in a number of different business-related or non-related industries in a strategic manner, to expand the scope, diversify risk and increase profits. However, as a minor industry of wood flooring industry, the author of can be recycled for second use outdoor floorsthe diversification strategy reclassified into cross-industry diversification, diversification within the industry, brand diversification and category diversification, so-called cross-industry diversification, is our economy diversification strategy to improve the field often, it involves more than two industry sectors, the operation mode is essentially complete by buy into;

within the so-called industry diversification, the author is a separate division, referring to within the same industry, Different companies set up operations carried out, it has a certain intersection and brand diversification; I called brand diversification means within the same enterprise, set up to operate different brands, to seek a competitive advantage market operations; author mouth multivariate category technology, is an enterprise in the same brand operation, involving different types of products, and these categories in some way have relevance and similarity. Because of the special flooring industry, the author in this paper do not do research on cross-industry diversification, and now we look at several other of the strategic approach and its characteristics.different kinds of fence materials that look like wood The industry diversification strategy, mergers and acquisitions completed cake making] In general, diversification mostly deal is completed, its three main considerations; First, industry trends and profit analysis, is always a sunrise industry key enterprises concerned, money is always the focus of enterprises; second, capital strength .

Third, ease of entry and exit. Diversification within the industry will inevitably lead to brand diversification, to distinguish the author mouth brand diversification model, I call it more of brand diversification business, now we have to study more diversified corporate brand should pay attention to. In fact, brand diversification and more enterprises have great advantages, as it can replicate the success on the basis of experience, one after another to foster strong regional brand to brand, so the development of multi-occupy the main market; it can also be based on different enterprises consumer market positioning, occupy different consumer groups, set up its own brand on every level of the pyramid, which is of course favorable to their development in the industry. However, applications of green composites for outdoorthe problem is that this mode of operation is not without its fatal flaw, that is, "big woods, of course, more birds, but if the environment changes around once, and the birds no longer fly, then what will happen?" plain language explanation is that this mode of operation for large high environmental requirements, once the entire economic downturn, all businesses are affected, it will have the difficult conditions.

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