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led to solid wood flooring blanks prices soaring

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22:56, May 19 2015

Large manufacturers will focus on the control of raw materials, a number of small factories, small brands of raw material resources will gradually lose. Production of small-scale enterprises will be more a lack of competitive advantage in the market were eliminated or forced restructuring, some small plants will become more apparent from big brand OEM factory, at the same time, control of resources, with large-scale production advantages of the big brands will gradually dominating the flooring market. composite materials for picnic tablesResource monopolies As market competition intensifies, any business has to face such an indisputable fact: every industry oversupply, many of the competing brands strife limited market resources.

Flooring market is also the case, an increase in flooring business, competition, leading to more and more meager profits. Especially solid wood flooring business, due to upstream resource constraints, led to solid wood flooring blanks prices soaring, most companies are caught in the bottleneck of resources, only a few have a large stock inventory of businesses to easily weather the storm. It can be said in the future competition in the flooring industry, who control the timber resources supply chain, will win the opportunity of development.?never needs painting deck bench with backrestTo establish a global brand At present the quality and structure of solid wood flooring have reached a higher level, especially for floor natural appearance of defects and quality control are already comparable with foreign products. However, with the expansion of global strategy, quality wooden floors demands will be higher floor will further improve future stability in timber handling, drying, curing cycle and surface wear resistance and paint adhesion aspect of the process.

Meanwhile lock technology, ultra-wearable technology, anti-static technology, environmental protection technology and DIY products, technology and technological innovation will become easier to install the flooring industry mainstream. Even the brand leader in large-scale, but if there is no global vision, no global brand to lead, windproof fencing Manufacturers ukthe sheer size can not achieve the desired effect. For Chinese flooring industry, we are to the world, first there must be a strong flooring industry, the second floor have a strong brand, there must be a strong third floor entrepreneurs. Chinese flooring companies continue to expand their scale, the need to establish a strong international brand concept, with the globalization of the industry move to advance a strong brand of the world's best wood floor columns and floor become the world market leader.

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