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Identification of the factory only repair

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10:19, May 19 2015

Consumers peace of mind, choose the B & Q for renovation, only a week after the renovation, has not yet had time to check in, the floor appeared a dozen different degrees of cracking. Consumers were dissatisfied rights, but insisted that the factory floor paint crack is a national standard range, is only responsible for maintenance. The two sides at loggerheads over. Cracks up to 20 cm complaints Yesterday afternoon, the Post reporter went to Bo Road, Yangpu District, Lane 567, Mr. Miao home, see the living room, dining room and two bedrooms can be seen in the wooden floor, a dozen cracking phenomenon occurs. Which amounted to about 20 cm long crack at a couple of small cracks are 3-5 cm range, anti-fungus deck vinyl floor coveringin particular to see clearly in the sun. Mr. Miller said that in April 2008, he signed a contract with Shanghai Construction Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. B & Q decoration, and in accordance with the Shanghai B & Q Building Materials Supermarket Co., Ltd.

signed a contract within the available supply of materials, all decoration materials are available from B & Q Yangpu, where to buy the wood flooring Flooring Co., Ltd. Shanghai Hua Jing Chun brand Okan floor. July completion of the renovation, acceptance week later when cleaning new homes unexpectedly found that there have been many wooden floor cracks, which surprised him, how could this just paved floor, Mr. Yu Shimiao complained to the B & Q Service Department. Identification of the factory only repair is not refundable After receiving complaints, the B & Q convene renovation construction supervisor, wood flooring manufacturers representatives and renovation construction team leaders to identify Mr. plastic square deck drainsMiao family situation. According to Mr. Miller said that they just glances, said it was a factory floor paint crack, below the national standard range, they only try to repair cracked floor to restore it, and in the original one-year warranty on again extended by one year warranty."New home just completed renovation, repair should not live, it can not be justified." Mr. Miller expressed look at it to identify the conclusion of a bit too casually, he can not accept this identification results and solutions.

Repair neighbor evidence not solve the problem We live in the same district of Doris, and Mr. Miller is also the same as in June and July bought wood from B & Q Yangpu, paved soon after discovered more than a dozen cracks. She accepted the compromise package on the floor of B & Q company carried out the repairs, technicians polished the wood cracking place, then re-painting. But not only does not solve the old problems, and has added a new problem, that is the color of polished floors place in and around the relatively large difference, at first glance, the room on the floor like playing a few patches. Decoration Industry Association in Shanghai under the mediation of Mr. Miller believes cracking floor below the floor quality problems, anti-cracking plastic decking sale in Colombiaor remove all floors and compensation for economic losses, or compensation for total floor 15,944.04 yuan 80%, no maintenance. B & Q said it could not accept such a solution, if consumers insist that the problem is the quality of the floor needs to find their own identification of the relevant departments were identified. Negotiations deadlocked issues.

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23:57, Jul 26 2015

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20:12, Mar 07 2018

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