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Fresh Broadwood Fashion

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01:45, May 11 2015

Dir hand-drawn Golden Eagle Iger's new 2008 Europe's most popular product is "La Traviata" floor, it is a collection efforts Venetian craftsmen, each floor is hand-drawn, limited edition products. From which, feeling every corner filled with low-key atmosphere of luxury, artistic appeal and appeal to bring the ultimate experience of space. Baroque retro wind 3 Changbai regal Baroque series use high-quality trees, mostly in the age for decades, or even centuries of precious trees, trees reflected in the design as much as possible the natural texture, but also creatively joined the "artificial" coffee colored siding with cream trim by wpcsigns, through carved finely carved, highlighting the pure natural beauty properties. On the surface treatment, the surface layer comply with antique floor texture, using antique hand, the surface layer of drawing, planing surface such as technology, real wood floor reflects the texture. Dir hand-planed face Golden Eagle Iger latest introduction of the new classical checkered floor mosaics by hand knock surface treatment, the entire floor was neat geometry distribution, more engaging with the bump texture, decorative effect is stronger.

There is a sense of gentle massage stepped on. Dir corners NCD "Floor is good, critical look at the corner", this year, so that the wood floor corner sink NCD technology is very popular, with treated wood floor after it will be readily worn corners hid edge of the floor so that the curvature becomes large, reducing the chances of being friction. Tests show that using this technology can extend the life of the wooden floor nearly doubled. It also makes the wood look more close to real wood. 6 single wind Imposition landscape Sharp single spell floor, in particular, can show itself in the thick wood Discount Composite Porch floorand bedroom luxury effect, but also better able to demonstrate the overall pattern of the texture of wood, it has become one of the world's popular home improvement. Scandinavian design embodies the concept of tree health Dekor floor has an elegant, calm and luxurious style, it is the best representative of the trend of a single fight. Expert Interpretation Linda Lun, general manager of Golden Eagle Iger Wood Co., Ltd.

Floor floor 2008 fashion popular new trend. "Fancy renovation, increase the level of technology, fashion design, it can be said in 2008 to prepare a new listing of Golden Eagle Iger floor completely overturn the floor gives a stiff, cold impression, so the floor from this into the temple of fashion." Wang Qingjiang Power Dekor Group Beijing Regional Manager Laminate flooring trend in 2008 is the pursuit of wood products as composite tile floor for outdoorthe main sense of style trend, particularly popular synchronous embossing technology hand-carved wood flooring. Such floor using a special plate to imprint the pattern of the surface with a texture to give a realistic wood grain. Embedded pattern so that the surface pattern decorative laminates deeper, beautiful.

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23:59, Jul 26 2015

The entrance door Replica Watches, two high sliding glass panels of 4 meters, announces a perspective that Hublot Replica immerses the visitor in a refined atmosphere. As an extension, a driveway in ebony dress up cream Tag heuer replica marble floor. It is reflected in a fault which winds through the ceiling and each side is adorned with visuals depicting the epic Tag Heuer. Via a linear design and a succession of strata that scratch the walls, the Agency has developed innovative stage products.

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20:10, Mar 07 2018

Hublot announced its latest high-profile partnership and introduced https://michaelgoodman258825976.wordpress.com/" class="TyTxtSmlC">Replica Watchesits newest limited edition timepiece https://michaelgoodman3.weebly.com" class="TyTxtSmlC">Breitling Replicaon April 20, during New York’s MadisonAvenue Watch Week. The new Hublot https://michaelgoodman.hatenablog.com/" class="TyTxtSmlC">Fake Rolex Big Bang Sang Bleu is a totally redesigned versionof the brand’s Big Bang Unico

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