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Parquet into the mainstream consumer market

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22:12, May 10 2015

Chinese solid wood floor market prospects of 3.15 in 2008, according to Chinese solid wood flooring consumer guide information, parquet consumption growth has been three consecutive years of more than 40%, reaching 70 million square meters, the size of the consumer market, the third consecutive year to become more than solid wood flooring domestic and international wood products market and consumer mainstream. Domestic and foreign consumption is in line with this trend. In the international market, with the three-tier, multi-layer parquet for the mainstream consumer representatives solid wood flooring products are collectively referred to as: ENGNEER WOOD FLOORING means through industrial processing processed wood floors, these products of science plastic lumber for decks pricesto avoid the traditional wood flooring Use the problem, it has a longer life, more features, more feature-rich surface Style. Consumer obvious advantages: 1. Compared with traditional solid wood flooring, three, multi-floor complex structures can be overcome more than 80 percent of physical deformation.

2. The wood-scale pre-treatment contains anti-corrosion, stress balance, pest control, flame retardant, anti-bacterial, achieve superior product structure is more stable. 3. Industrial production can make the floor of the processing accuracy micron, product combines the precision determines the appearance, sealed, moisture and other indicators of the product. 4. Foot feeling more comfortable, to use surface decorative and comfortable high degree of unity. 5. Installation easier, as the popularity of geothermal heating, non-keel installation of three layers, multi-layer wood flooring advantage in product stability, precision, good thermal conductivity greatly reflects aspects. 6. Rich decoration capabilities, different splicing generate differentiated features, wood composite thermal expansionthe product style shape provides a wealth of space. 7. Higher cost advantages, sustainable development and comprehensive utilization of resources to make a positive contribution. Thus, solid wood flooring consumer towards the surface quality characteristics of style, personalized, handmade and large-scale mechanized production combined is parquet quality, style, function of the new logo.

The objective in line with market demand, thus becoming the mainstream consumer market.Shanghai Hongxing Building Materials Co., Ltd. has obtained 15 patents in product design, in which there is an invention patent. The development of two-parent groove wood floors, with easy installation, re-use, saving wood resource characteristics; Shanghai Huajing Flooring Co., Ltd. uses a unique process development and production of solid wood floors and elegant rhyme series antique, elegant, gorgeous, good marketing. This year, the company also worked with the Institute of Wood Industry, Chinese Academy of Forestry,wood plastic composite decking Harnosand importers in Shanghai to jointly set up a research and development base for research and development related to wood processing and production technology; Hai-Kun Hao Wood Co., Ltd. invested several million dollars each year for new product development and process improvement, the development of solid wood flooring to warm thermal won the national utility model patents; Wood Co., Ltd.

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