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The new WPC market

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00:43, Apr 29 2015

Perhaps consumers salesman "excessive enthusiasm" has experience, but in Switzerland Kerry, if not buy, and always from the mouth of the sales staff to obtain professional knowledge and floor coverings procurement services. Exchanges need a reason? "It is not a quality problem can not be replaced," which seems to be the accepted norm. But in the regal floor concept, the "quality" is from pre-sales consulting staff, and construction services to the whole process of re-sale of "Total Quality." Problems caused by unprofessional installation services triggered by the manufacturer should be responsible. This is a total ban on the between consumers and businesses, manufacturers around the wooden floor quality issues, "passing the buck."installing laminate flooring on concrete Since 2004, more regal floor in the domestic industry first proposed the "no reason to change" service concept. "Regal selling the service, not just products." Yuan Yide general manager summed up. Professional thing to the professional who handed down. Thus, consumers need to put their own "decoration" as an expert it? Perhaps, consumers need is a clever consumer mentality and have a "professional" level choices vision.

To this end, regal floor staff will conduct on-site surveys in 7 days before the floor construction, in addition to checking the ground roughness, construction of the wall that day, Mentao outside paint is dry, water, circuit lines, walls and ground structure are surveying targets. "Floor coverings require nailing, the overall structure of the room does not have a clear understanding to rush construction, the overall decoration is a recipe for disaster." Yuan General pointed a "regal floor construction personnel management practices,"water proof wooden planks for deck in indiasaid an excellent flooring suppliers should be in a different environment to provide targeted "floor integrated solutions." "Housing orientation, structure, and consumer demand as well as personal aesthetic preference for housing use will affect the installation of wooden flooring." This management standard provides for nearly 50 from the pre-inquest regal floor to install construction, site inspection and quality inspection service multiple processes operating specifications, became a floor service "Dummies", people lament the pavement floor there is so much knowledge. "Three products, seven service", has said.

Not only that, "from the sales staff, construction workers to inspection and other quality control personnel, regal requires that each link must provide expert-service."For example, wear-resistant layer, is a simple one of the wear layer, one of the wear layer material cost is cheap, the processing cost is not the same. V. So, this is simply speaking from the cost, the service great product, typically twenty dollars, thirty dollars after buying three months would be finished, maybe done, the quality of decoration, foot price for deck Kenyalike Lvzhu Ren said plastic sheeting problems that may three months after the red color becomes white color, and sought to find it. Like our services in this regard, two years, three years, five years, there is a problem, we have the tube, this is a lot of cost.

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