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Laminate flooring into the "thick" Modernism

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20:59, Apr 23 2015

A few years ago people began to focus on the wood floor 8mm 12mm good or better carried out a "bickering." Many companies that own both wood floor of 12mm from all aspects of comfort, visual aesthetics, and so are better than 8mm wooden floors, known as mainstream 12mm wood flooring is the future, but there are some people in the industry believe is reinforced 8mm wood floor standard, the market acceptance generally higher than 12mm.
Laminate flooring into the "thick" Modernism
Seems to 12mm thick wooden floor seems to have prevailed, 8mm great a tendency to replace the wooden floor, the market situation is it?
8mm, 12mm and so there exists the necessity, because of the different levels of consumer demand, so different. Not simply to the conclusion, the different needs of consumers, such as cars and some people like BMW, some people .
Consumption levels determine the laminate flooring Bohou orientation:
8mm lock in low-income groups, 8mm laminate flooring market share is shrinking, according to the analysis of the market, the mainstream working-class nature is a large group, this part of the population accounted for 30% of the market share, the floor of the current economic conditions in general owners, buyers have to spend a lot of money, for minimizing the budget in the decoration, for 8mm occupy a certain price advantage.
12mm leading home fashion trends, 12mm wood floors have better visual extension, bringing the feeling of expanded space, for the majority of consumers, especially young couples after 80 12mm more mainstream, into the "thick" . With the people's material and cultural living rising, home taste for increasingly high requirements, so pay attention when choosing wood flooring.

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