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Floor "supporting role" against big

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19:02, Apr 22 2015

People in the selection of wood flooring, tend to focus on the durability of the floor, formaldehyde emission, color models, such as the quality of the floor, and for skirting boards, rubber flooring, floor mats and other accessories are often pay little attention to environmental issues .how to build corner deck bench National Building Materials Test Center Tang Yueqing, said: "wood flooring accessories and materials selection is not good, it is possible bloodshed." Most people believe that only the wooden floor itself will release formaldehyde, but in the actual installation process, will use a lot of rubber flooring, rubber flooring is the formation of the role of film in the ground plate junction, effectively lock the floor free of formaldehyde .

Rubber flooring itself is environmentally friendly, has become the primary choice of rubber flooring measure. High quality rubber flooring is expensive, many small businesses are often the choice of workshops ordinary cheap plastic, and even more affordable for low-grade plastic, in the "brand-specific" and "inclusive price" under the guise of logical access to consumers' homes, with to environmental hazards. In addition, the skirting board is hidden green "killer" one. how to clean veranda traditional vinyl railingBecause most wooden skirting board in the production process were also chosen formaldehyde adhesive glue, veneer or lacquered. Moreover, the surface of the skirting board can not do the same as the floor surface density, during normal use, the substrate of free formaldehyde is easily released with impunity, pollute the indoor air environment. Laminate flooring in the installation process, will be laid between the ground floor and floor mats.

In this small, forgotten space, it is easy to breed all kinds of bacteria, often the family environment of the dead, so that the choice of a preservative function of the floor mat, the floor is to ensure an important part of a comprehensive environmental protection. Tang Yueqing said: "The rubber flooring, baseboards, floor mats, etc. These ingredients laminate flooring, accessories, floor by tying a way to muddle through reap benefits have become some of the floor's modus operandi, discount wooden floors Albaniawhich is becoming the people home environmental hazards. Consumers buy not only pay attention to the quality of the wood floor while ignoring the quality of these materials and environmental protection, these floors 'supporting role' should choose products meet national environmental standards. "

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