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Solid wood flooring purchase of various factors Reference Room decoration

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19:52, Apr 21 2015

Solid wood floors paved with natural beauty is our highest state decoration, and solid wood flooring want is pure it, I believe many people through downtown or after natural and simple is precious. Solid wood flooring that has such a pure, natural features, solid wood flooring of choice for decoration, to create the most natural home environment, with a taste of pure wood fence panels composite.
In order to maximize close to nature, the designers are thinking about how to do it, raw wood, hemp became the designer's favorite, in the living room, taking advantage of the warm yellow light, the furniture, the sofa placed in the primary wood on the floor, too authentic feeling.
Kitchen, living room with natural or better compared to simple, stylish point, wood floors everywhere, very delicate embossed wood, great texture, with wood floors echoed laying on the ground, increasing the feeling of space metal, but also to simple style of play to the extreme.
Requirements spacious master bedroom, in a divided region II, we must not only break even casual, big wide bed black, with white walls contrast, sofa lounge area, the carpet also have the same effect, simply single color can enrich our sensory world, choose solid wood floor to strengthen this feeling, texture visible colors into one.
Second bedroom can consider some lively style, bed, wood floor using the same raw materials, wooden fence railing for sale, adding a variety of furniture elements, so that a simple change colorful space, you can meet my needs in different seasons. Most embodies the most simple white and wood color with gloss can also choose light warm colors, more economical electricity.

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